Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic one! I had so much fun this year, I can't wait to do it all again in 364! On Thursday, Dylan and I carved our pumpkins while Bodie napped. Here's Dyl striking a rather jack-o-lanternesque pose...

And here are the finished products. I love carving pumpkins... it's a shame there aren't more holidays that require it.

This year we roasted the pumpkin seeds!

Friday morning Dylan's preschool was having a Halloween party and trick-or-treating throughout the school offices. Here's a little girl from Dylan's class. This could very well be the best costume EVER!

Nana, Bodie, and Dylan. Yes... he's Thomas the Train. We found a train conductor outfit at Toys R Us, and then I threw down on a cardboard box with some poster paint. I thought it came out pretty cool.

Yummy, scary cupcake cakes!

And here's Dylan all ready to go trick-or-treating later that night.

I was all set to dress Bodie up as a lion. But when I tried to get him into the costume that day, I belatedly discovered he was too tall and too big for it. Looked more like a little stuffed sausage than a lion. So a quick plan two was to make Bodie a train conductor also. Oh well, I really wasn't expecting him to do the door-to-door thing, and he didn't. That's not his speed yet. He was much happier rolling in the stroller just watching everything.

Our friend Leslie brought her niece and nephew over to do some Halloweenin' in our neighborhood.
After the kids were wiped out, and we were back home, I painted up Leslie's face for a Halloween bash that she was going to later that night. I've never done any face painting before... it was pretty fun. Plus it was cool for Dylan to see the transformation process. It gave him a better understanding that some of the scary costumes he saw last night were just plain ol' people with make-up on.
I'll sign off with the BOO-ti-ful jack-o-lanterns!!! Happy Halloween everybody!!

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The kids look like they had fun, that's all that matters, that and that I had fun too, that's all that REALLY matters.