Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two things that make me super happy

1. He requested I give him a mustache and skull so he could be a pirate for the day...

2. That this woman exists

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Somewhere in Between

SO I got this awesome piece in the mail from Jason Limon the other day. It's called "Somewhere in Between".
he's a really cool dude, on top of the rad art...

Plus, like Colin Johnson, he sent extra goodies in his package. I dig these buttons like all get-out. I need to get my own little thing like this, some little extra surprise to pack away when I send out work. It's so much fun to get things like this.

Neighbor Bonnie was dogsitting this weekend. The pup is adorable, but we'll just say that Bodie was NOT a fan...

And speaking of pets. I revamped our little fish tank for Max & Ruby. I had all of this natural looking stuff in there (except for the tiki), and then it dawned on me that a kitschy fish tank is a fun fish tank. .. so now the've got colored rocks, a pirate's treasure chest, and some glow-in-the-dark plants to go with the tiki. The boys love looking at it.... and Max & Ruby seem mighty happy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Much Love

Sent off my Tiki Mug today for the Gala Tiki show at DVA Gallery in Chi-town.

The type on it says "Aloha Nui Loa" which means "Much Love"

Just some real simple, sweet little gals...

And I just had to throw in a couple pics of Bodie. He's so cute right now, with that one front tooth. I think he pulls off the hillbilly look rather smashingly.

Also sent off a piece today for a trade with Jason Limon. I'm so excited, I LOVE getting new artwork for our walls! His stuff rocks, I'll post pics when I get it...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday Hi-jinx

So back when Sex in the City was on HBO, my girlfriend Hazel and I would have our "girlnights", we'd make chocolate covered strawberries, watch the show, and of course, have champagne... then retreat to the jacuzzi at Hazel's house to drink, giggle and tell our innermost secrets.
When the movie came out this past week, Haz put together a Sex party...and 15 of us went to the movies together to enjoy our long lost friends, the girls from SITC. Hazel, in keeping with the tradition, made chocolate covered strawberries, and we cracked open wine and champagne in the theatre because we're fabulous like that.

God I love being a girl.

This past Wednesday, it was back to Disneyland with the Soto's to celebrate mine & Jeff's birthdays. Plus we've been planning on taking the kids there together for a long time now. They had a ball together. Here's Dyl and Shannon conquering the temple of doom.

...and the Jungle Cruise...

Running amuck on the treehouse

the ultimate in pirate booty...

Jeff and I sporting our Disneyland Birthday buttons. It's cool, you get all kinds of special attention when you're wearing one of these things.

Last night we had the neighbors over to celebrate my actual b-day. Bonnie picked up pizza and made her amazing hot wings, Mike got a cake, and I made Sangria. This is the result of mixing Sangria and a badly placed baby gate. My wrists have been messed up for awhile now. I've had a real hard time for years with my left wrist... and lately it's gotten really bad. I'm not sure if it's arthritis, or carpel tunnel or what.... anyway, we have this babygate we put in the laundry room to keep Bodie from chowing down on cat food, and I (with all the festivities) A- Forgot to remove it... B- Forgot it was there, and C-totally plunged over it head first, landing on tile with the really bad wrist to brace myself for the fall. So I ended my birthday on the floor of our laundry room in tears. My wrist and elbow are so jacked up. Such a bummer ending to a really cool week.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Flight of Fancy

I'll be showing in New Jersey this month at Crybaby Art Gallery. The show opens this Saturday, June 7th, runs through July 6.
Bethany Marchman has a solo show"Fauna" going on, and I'll be showing in "Flight of Fancy" with Kukula, and Pilar Alvarez. Here's one of the pieces I have in the show... "Dad's White Bread"

A close up...

And on the crafty tip, I made some stepping stones for our backyard to memorialize the boys while they're small. Everyone always says it goes so fast.... but when your in the middle of it, and waking up several times a night for feedings, spending your days tired as all hell and trying to work at night... it seems like they'll never get bigger, or more independant. I'm sure someday I'm going to look at these little hands and feetprints and cry, missing them being little...

And this past Sunday we actually got to enjoy a family day at the San Bernardino County Museum. My Dad always took us here when my brother and I were little, so I get really nostalic at this joint. They have a lot of really cool exhibits, here's a peek at the rocks/minerals.

The first time I ever saw one of these things, I was dropping off work for a show in L.A. and almost stepped on it. It seriously grossed me out.

When we would come here as kids, this guy scared the shite out of my brother. He's probably about 11 feet tall...
Once, when I was in my early 20's I came to this museum to be by myself and "soul search". It was Halloween, and I was the only person in the whole place. I have to admit, it WAS really spooky to be around this guy by myself. I kept thinking he was going to start moving or something.

Here' s me and the boys. They were a little preoccupied with the giant moose across from us...

The bird rooms. These were always my favorite. Although, on soul searching day... they freaked me out, too. That's a lot of little dead eyes looking back at you.

My bra was apparently also on display...

The museum has rows and rows of eggs to check out...

Dylan and I got all excited over the Road Runners, we see them all the time when we're out walking. We have them running through our backyard on occasion, too.

The Museum has this really cool exhibit about architecture going on right now. Here's an amazing dollhouse replica of Edward's Mansion.

And here's Michael braving the tarantula.

Going to Disneyland again this Wednesday! My birthday is this Thursday, June 5. Jeff Soto's is Tuesday, June 3rd... so we're diong a family b-day bash together at the happiest place on Earth. Dylan's SO excited to go there with Shannon...