Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Somewhere in Between

SO I got this awesome piece in the mail from Jason Limon the other day. It's called "Somewhere in Between".
he's a really cool dude, on top of the rad art...

Plus, like Colin Johnson, he sent extra goodies in his package. I dig these buttons like all get-out. I need to get my own little thing like this, some little extra surprise to pack away when I send out work. It's so much fun to get things like this.

Neighbor Bonnie was dogsitting this weekend. The pup is adorable, but we'll just say that Bodie was NOT a fan...

And speaking of pets. I revamped our little fish tank for Max & Ruby. I had all of this natural looking stuff in there (except for the tiki), and then it dawned on me that a kitschy fish tank is a fun fish tank. .. so now the've got colored rocks, a pirate's treasure chest, and some glow-in-the-dark plants to go with the tiki. The boys love looking at it.... and Max & Ruby seem mighty happy.

1 comment:

Jason Limon said...

Hey Shaunna, Thanks!! Glad you like the work & buttons. I'm happy we made the trade and that I'm able to enjoy one of your pieces! Sweet looking fishbowl too!

Best, -j