Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello Lover

Here's another little gal i did for a client of mine. I need an apron like this...

Also, finally got some glasses to help me see while i work. Taking a moment to ponder Alice...

So today is our wedding anniversary. Hub and i have been married for 5 years (someday Dyl will do the math on that) and we had our first date 13 years ago today. Honey bought me this bunny bench as an anniversary present. I totally have a thing for garden statuary. LOVE THIS!!! It does have a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel to it, too.

I also scored a cute little bouquet of flowers. Thank you Bunches, you are an amazing Husband/Father!

Last night we went up to Camp Wrightwood, just he & I. Sloan & Joseph invited us up to come have a relaxing anniversary eve. we had a wonderful time with great company, lots of laughs and plenty of wine ;) We slept in the lodge on a cozy bed in front of the roaring fire. And for a nice little surprise, Sloan had found these. Our wedding took place in the backyard of our first house. There were about 20 guests in all. It was incredibly intimate and personal. I made these little packets of love poems for each of the guests... very fun to look at and re-read together. thank you that Sloan.

...And a few pictures of things i look to for inspiration. I found this Hennessy bottle at a yard sale years ago for $5. It's pretty huge, a couple of feet tall, and totally looks like something that was aboard a pirate ship.

I collect dressforms... they are always a source of inspiration to me.

and this is a latch from an old armoire i got at an antiques store. i love the patina, and wear and tear on this piece.
Signing out with a picture of me & hon exchanging vows. Here's to many more years!