Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy days

So I'm outside with the boys today, and Dylan climbs up onto the slope in our yard to pick me a flower... he's up there for about 2 minutes, and he comes back and says "I need a bandaid for my owie"...I look at his arm and discover a damn snakebite! I'm freaking out because he said he couldn't feel it and the only snakes I've ever seen around our house are rattlers. It starts to get real red and swell and I had no idea what to do... ice? a bandage? All I knew is that if it was a rattler there might be some ugliness coming. Well, long story short I got on the horn with the hospital... they went through a bunch of questions...told me to keep a close eye on him...told me what to watch for...and luckily none of that real ugly stuff ever happened. This pic was taken about 6 hours after the bite, no more swelling or redness. But a real big lesson learned about living in a more rural area....and sadly this was the lessor of terrible things to happen today...but I can't even begin to get into the other. Thhhpppt on today.

However, this weekeng Hubby & I hosted a wine tasting party that was an absolute blast. Here are a few pics... Lots of cheeses to try...

lots of mingling....

LOTS of wine :)

Friends Byron & Laura.

The girls of Colden Crown Way, Bonny & I.

Bonny goes for a quick nap while Hubby talks up some of the local wine...

Tom, Donaldo & Bonnie havin' a great time! We really can't wait to do it again... that was just too much fun!

Okay, I HAVE to get back to painting. Our youngest, Bodie, has had major ear infections in both ears... so there hasnt' been much sleep around here. Subsequently, not much work getting done either ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

For a long while now I've been wanting to make little signs to hang around our backyard. I originally thought about painting directly onto the fence itself... but hesitated with the thought of the elements ravaging it. Instead, I decided to make a sign I could hang... and then just take inside when the weather gets rough. So here's the first sign to grace our backyard... an ode to my sweet little family :)

I did it the other night while I was sick, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go... but I like it.

I got some good ink in "Deadbeat Magazine", this awesome Australian publication... just got my copy this weekend and was blown away by the quality of it...

Not only some seriously gorgeous photography, but the color, the thickness & weight of the paper it's printed on... all top notch. I am really flattered to be a part of this issue.

it's a quarterly mag, which I always find nice... plus there are some insanely amazing cars and chicks in this bad-boy! Thank you Sarah, for contacting me about this! I need to get to painting on for the Russ Meyers tribute show at MModern Gallery... but first, some sleep after last nights' lost "blankie" fiasco. Oh, and big Congrats to the Soto's on welcoming their new little one into the World today! Yay Natalie Rose!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

City Pages

I did the cover for this week's City Pages in MN, and had so much fun doing this illustration! I think the type at the bottom of the page really capped it off.
also did an interior illo to accompany the story. Wanted to do a blacklight poster kind of thing.

The boys have been keeping me busy. It's cool though, they're really starting to learn to play together and are having a lot of fun with each other. Here they are pretending to take a nap in Dyl's bed. Bodie looks as confused over the date stamp as I was... Mom hooked me up with her camera after mine recently broke... but I just now figured out how to get that stamp off. Thanks again, Ma!
We have a new park in the area that just opened up so I've been taking the boys on a walk every morning and ending it at the park. Here's Bodie and his little homie Noah. Noah's Mom and I go walking together on Tuesdays & Thursdays... so they have been getting their playdate on!
Okay... there was no sleep to be had here last night, so I'm going to hit the hay, after I finish my wine of course! Nite all!