Friday, October 25, 2013

One More Time...

So here's the scoop to play catch-up...

Today I announced a timed print of  my piece "La Protectora". Lasts two weeks, ends Nov 8th at noon, and is only $25. But once it's gone, it's gone, so go see my etsy (< clink on link) page if interested!
I also have this piece in a show about the music of Will Oldham opening in Louisville KY on the 1st!
Here's a theater posted I recently did for the show "La Traviata"....
 oh, and I started an account on Instagram as Shauntoots... I post pics of weird stuff, sketches, and paintings. Find me. Especially since right now my website is under construction.
took the boys to visit Pioneertown CA recently. I love myself an old western town. This one was really cool. Been there since 1942..
She was sitting atop a piano in the saloon. I sort of loved her.
Other than that, keeping busy, the boys are both in school all day, which is crazy! Here's B at his 6th birthday party. Amazing Slimer cake by Jacquelyn Encisco!
Been making fun food from the locally grown produce... mmmmm peaches. Next up, apple pies!
And I'll leave you with this little painting I did while dreaming of cooler weather.... peace.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello out there....

Hey Friends!Yup... it's been awhile since I've posted... looks like another 10 months has slipped on by without my tending to the blog. whoopsie. In all fairness though, if you follow me on FB, you're probably tired of all the blabbing I do about my day to day business. I'm pretty good at keeping up on that one...
But really, it's been a pretty busy past few months for me..

First up, I just finished up this childrens book "Hobbes Goes Home" . It's an amazing true story about courage, hope and love. Should be available this fall! Part of the proceeds with go to help sheltered animals, so really it's a win/win if you buy this book! Here's some peeks at a few illos inside:

Anyway, I had a wonderful time working on this one... and am looking forward to seeing it in print!!
I got the chance to make art for the Barris Kustoms show. That kinda made my day..

homemade strawberry ice cream has been a staple since the heat here has been in the triple digits and shows no sign of relenting... but hey.... ICE CREAM!!

With the heat have come the snakes. This King Snake has taken up residence in our backyard. We kind of dig him. Except when he's climbed up the vines and dangling from the roof. Then he just freaks us out. But he's good to have around, especially since we have had a rattler in the backyard already this year as well.

Been making things for the backyard. I was inspired by the Riverside restaurant Tios Tacos for those familiar. Thought I'd make a hula skirt and bikini top from bottle caps. And yes, I figure if I recycle it in a cool way, then I can justify all the beers this summer.

Found this at a yard sale, sealed it, added flowers and beers.. (to support my crafting with bottlecaps)

Still trying to make time to get silly, and wear fab wigs..
My boys... always bring a smile...

love those peanuts!
And I had my Solo show "Pleasure Island" in Nashville TN this past March! It was an amazing time!!! Not only did I fly in, but my Mom, my girl Sloan and her sisters made it out as well! SO fun!! I made 25 pieces of art for the show. It's actually still up through the 3rd of this month... here are some pics of the art..

Artist Jeff Bertrand and I. It was so fantastic to finally meet him and his wife Myka in person!!
I got to paint one of my favorite bots, Rosie, for the Hanna Barbara show!

more art made since my last post..

Mission To The Moon


for the Tiny Trifecta show in Brooklyn NY.

a new book cover I made..
Well, I guess that was just a lot of pix and not so much talk, but I kind of like it that way. Enjoy your summer everyone! Stay cool, stay cool forever...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Horsin' Around

Hope you're all having a fantastic summer! These months are flying by here! I'm going to be trying to get new original art up for sale on my Etsy site each week (or so). This first gal was such a success that she sold immediately after posting her to my FB page. I had a lot of folks enquire about prints, so I've made them available here

 Also out and about are the Truck Buddies series of board books I did the cover art for! They came out super cute in my opinion! 

Kept busy with my painted pony project, which I finally finished! Here are some progress photos for those wondering what goes into bringing a carousel horse back to life :)
 now for bondo!


He came out purty! The boys LOVE him, and love just sitting on him (even though he doesn't go anywhere). Ordering new leathers, and a new turned brass pole for him, and he'll look sharp!