Sunday, May 20, 2007

Art Collection

I guess it's the voyeur in me, I always like to know what other people have up on their walls. So I thought I'd post a few pics of some of our art collection. This is a little taste. We have a few more originals, prints and toys that I didnt' include. But here's a good smattering of some of the art that surrounds us. Some of them were trades, and some of them were purchased from galleries here & there.
Colin Johnson & Michael Slack

Brook Slane & Lisa Petrucci

Amanda Visell & Joe Sorren print, bowling pins by Luke Scanlan

Amanda Veisell original top, and print bottom

Fellow Art Center alumni Levon Jihanian (Left) and Patrick Williams Right

Bwana Spoons & Kevin Titzer

Todd Marrone & a piece I did for 'Field & Stream'

Dave Cooper original study for Bunny Girl, a print on the right and Miles Thompson print

Tim Biskup original from the Lucky stack & Dan Santat OG from his book "The Guild of Geniuses"

A big 6.5 foot long pack of Bubblicious I made back in school

Jeff Soto

Brandon Steen

Alex Meyer

Lisa Scollan
I know these weren't the best pictures. Photos can never do the original artwork justice.

Last wednesday we went over to the Soto's for a playdate. Of course Jeff is an amazing talent in the art world, but I'm not sure if many of you realize he and Jennifer are pretty bad-ass in the kitchen as well. They made us a killer burrito spread with slow cooked pork loin. Mmmmmmm....

Here's Jennifer & I swingin' with our peanuts

That was a good time there :)

Wow, I just realized that I look like a sherman tank.....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Hope all of you other Momma's out there enjoyed your day! This weekend was pretty packed for us. Friday night Michael bought some new wheels. We were at the dealership until midnight. I was starving (what's new) and super tired by the time we left. But the truck is awesome. I love my bug, but I feel so much safer in this ride. It's the first brand new vehicle either of us has ever had. Nothing beats that new car smell...

Saturday morning we went up to camp Wrightwood. Our friends Sloan & Joseph run the camp, so we toodle up whenever they have a break from campers. Sloan is actually one of my best friends since third grade. Plus it's cool because I used to be a camp counselor back in the day... so we sing funky songs, and do silly little campy things when we get together. Here's a pic of Sloan & Joseph (This one was actually taken a few months back, didn't get any of them together on Saturday)

Here's Dylan meeting Felix, the camp snake

and checking out a cool, old hollowed out tree stump. It made me think of the tree that Boo Radley hid things in, or Pippy Longstocking...

Sunday was a day of running around, trying to see both sides of the family and spreading some Mom's day cheer.
I also had to finish up a little painting for the Wind-Up Gallery show that opens this weekend. I just went with the tattoo theme again for this little gal.

Tomorrow morning I have to go take this really crappy 3 hour long test for glucose tolerance. Hopefully everything works out cool in the end. I'm thinking on my next post I'll take some pics of our art collection. I always like to see what other artists have hanging on their walls. Until then, adios amoebas!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I've been thinking about setting one of these things up for awhile now.
Hmmm, now where to start.....
So I'm an artist living in Yucaipa, CA. I have a Hubby, Michael Carrillo, a two year old son, and am 7 and a half months pregnant with another boy. This is the last time I plan on being pregnant in my life. I'm trying to enjoy it, but it's getting to that point where I'm looking forward to having my body back to myself. Michael and I got in a good shag last night, and it's just a really weird thing to feel your unborn baby moving around during the action. I took this picture today in the studio.

Tyring to get things painted for upcoming shows, but it's really getting difficult, with being tired and chasing a two year old around. I've been painting during Dyl's naptimes and at night after he goes to bed. I'm in a group show right now at the Alcove in GA. and I also have a four person show opening this weekend at DVA Gallery.

Some new paintings

I've been feeling lately that my artwork has become a bit stagnant, not progressing. I guess it's because I havent' really had enough hours in the day to devote to it. And I suppose it's going to be a long while before I get that kind of time on my hands again. :)
So Dyl celebrated his second birthday last weekend. We had the party at a local park because we didnt' want to see our house destroyed by the plethora of children. Here's Dylan and his homegirl Shannon Daisy Soto. Atta boy Bub, the chicks dig a hot set of wheels.
So it's about time for me to wrap up this first post. I'm getting hungry, and it's not a pretty sight these days when hunger calls. Hopefully I can be diligent enough to post here regularly. I enjoy seeing everyone else's blogs, and getting a little sneak peek at their day to day lives.