Wednesday, July 30, 2008

old school cuz we're some old fools...

So here's a story. Back in high school my friend Sloan and I were super tight with a boy named Matt. I think we actually used to even call him "MATT- GOD OF ALL", but anyway we were dorks....
Long story somewhat shortened.... we lost touch with him our Senior year of high school, and about 7 years ago, while I was in Art School, Sloan and I dutifully spent hours on the computer searching for him. We found him in Florida... and sent him a random postcard with my website and "For a Good Time Call...."
He called.
And we've all been in some kind of touch ever since. Well, Whaddayaknow, Matt came to L.A. on business this past week, so he and Sloan toodled over my way so we could all hang out like old times. Man, it's been like, 15 years since we've seen him... but Damn it was fun. I guess with a truly great friend, years and years can go by... but it's like time hasn't skipped a beat when you see them again. Anyway, Sloan, Matt... I'm so glad we could do this!!!
And I know Matt, this is slouchy picture... but I liked it... and it's my blog.

Oh, and you had to know I was going to do THIS.....HAHA!!!!!
*Please ignore the sorry-ass painting in the background... I was 16*

Friends like you guys are hard to come by... talk soon Homies!

I'm painting some skate decks for a show in Australia right now.... here's a preview.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

These things inspire me...

I saw this on Chris Ryniak's site awhile back... it made me cry

Dear little lad
Here is the story of my life
I lived on the moon
Grey flying snakes along
the mountains of destiny while
the three tailed monkeys
were drawing the stars.
Light from the Sun and I
hide myself on the dark side, alone
I’ve run so far
to find my way
Then I dream again… alone

Dear little boy, Listen
to the voices of your soul
it showed you the way
Of silence and peace
Follow your thoughts and fly
Choosing all the things that you desire
Giant Waves, fireflies…
Your dreams will be your only shell
Your secrets, your hiding place, my son
Don’t let them try
to crush your brain
let you go far
….my son

I lived on the Moon

Friday, July 18, 2008

Whippin' Cream

You and your pals are invited to attend the "SuperHero" exhibit and party during San Diego's Comic-Con on Thursday, July 24 from 7 PM to Midnight in costume or not. This is a free warehouse party featuring over 50 inspired "SuperHero" paintings and live music performances by the Modlins and SSI. This is an exclusive event hosted by Effen Vodka, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Ninthlink and Murphy Art Books.

where :
Warehouse Space : 1616 National Avenue : San Diego : 92113

cost :
There is no cost for this event. Cash bars will be available. 21 and over, with a valid ID

sponsors :
Sponsored by Effen Vodka, HiFructose, Ninthlink, Murphy Art Books

Here's my piece for the show... "Whippin' Cream". She's 12" x 24" and is selling for $1500

Michael and I are still not sure if we'll be in attendance to this one. The boys are both going through their own little rough patches right now... it makes it hard to do things involving long driving times...but I'm real happy with how the piece came out.
I worked last night until midnight, then Dyl got us up at 2 am wanting some chocolate milk. Back to bed for an hour, then Bodie got up at 3.... and never went back to sleep... I'm tired...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

stinky cheeziness

For my birthday one year a friend bestowed on me the book "The Stinky Cheese Man & Other Fairly Stupid Tales" by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. I've always thought this book was pretty awesome... but it becomes even more awesome when your own child catches it's magic and you suddenly experience it through their eyes. Dylan is obsessed with this book, in particular the Stinky Cheese Man story itself. I read that story approximately 40-50 times a week... it's gotten to where he's got parts of it memorized and we do the voices of the characters together.
He loves the pictures in that book so much that he started begging me to make him a stinky cheese man... so I surprised him with this piece of cheesy goodness. I opted for corduroy & suede fabrics instead of real stinky cheese. It should last a lot longer that way. Anyway, here he is...
"WOW! My own Stinky Cheese Man!!!" was his response. Followed by "I Love You, Stinky Cheese Man"
I was pretty happy with how he turned out. I got enough fabric to keep on tap in case Bodie ever yearns for a stinky cheese man of his own.

And speaking of Bodie, the little man turned one last week... so we threw together a small shindig this weekend to celebrate. Here he is opening gifts. He tuckered out after this and had to nap for a few hours.
But the rest of the crew stayed and played. Here's Dylan weighing down the teeter totter...

A group shot of all the guys together.
Right now I'm working on a piece for a "Superhero" show that's being put together for the Comicon by Mark Murphy. Post pics on that one soon!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So our house is apparently chock-full of monsters these days. I was lamenting about our monster problem to Jeff Soto the other day and he gave me what could very well be the most fun little nugget of parenting info I've recieved to date. He'd read in Parent's magazine that you should get a squirt bottle and make a little label for it that says "Monster Repellent"... then the kid can feel a sense of relief as he sprays away the monsters. So today, after Dyl found a monster in the bathroom, I used this little trick... telling him "Daddy just picked up a bottle of this at the store, aren't we lucky!"
It was really awe-inspiring to see what a sense of relief this gave him... and to see how much fun it suddenly became to look for monsters.

As an added bonus I decided to just wrap up our bottle of Febreeze. That way Dyl could do a little multi-tasking by de-monstering and deoderizing in one swoop. Thanks for the tip Jeff, it worked wonders... and our house smells pretty darn fresh.
"Monster B Gone"... pick yours up today!

Other than that, just keeping cool in the pool! Happy Fourth o' July everyone!