Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, if you haven't already heard or seen, since i'm blabbing about it constantly, we got ourselves a 1956 Centennial Wurlitzer. it. is. amazing. and so much fun to be able to see our boys enjoying it as much as we do...B calls it the "juicebox". this is seriously a dream come true for me! not to mention, the awesomeness of roller skating around my house while some oldies but goodies play on it!

it came stocked with the classics!

the guy who sold it to us also threw in a tabletop juke for free! i had to put a bit of elbow grease into both of the jukes, but they polished up beautifully! i also turned this one into a photo album...
took this one of Bunches by the juke for my photo group.

also, it's the time of the season.... and we got ourselves an elf on the shelf. His name is Doodle and the boys adore him!

I've also been getting out to rollerskate when i can, and even got to take Dyl out for a skate! He loved it. plus i think it's brilliant that the "skate gate" now exists! man, we had to learn the old fashioned way, lots of falling, scrapes and bruises.

a great pic of B dancing to The Champs 'Tequila'

and a new commission i just did for a friend...

next stop, Christmas madness! have a wonderful holiday season, however you celebrate it!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This was Halloween

i'm heeeeeeeere! well since i've last popped onto blogger, the fam was hit super hard by the flu. it's been two weeks, and luckily everyone seems to be feeling much better, outside of a gnarly cough or two. I drew these two witches while completely down with the flu. pen and ink, they flowed out of me surprisingly well.

we made a couple of trips to the pumpkin patch this year. Here's Dyl and his gal-friend Shannon.

On a different day we decided to go and do the corn-maze as a family. Turns out, Bodie is not a fan.... (really he's not a fan of anything at this point), but that coupled with the fact that we got lost in the corn maze walking around for a good hour pretty much sealed our fate that we won't be doing the corn maze again anytime soon. toward the end, he realized he just had to submit and go with it, since he was tired...

great photo opp of Bunches and Dylan... (Mr. B refused to do any of the cut-out photos). i really want to make a pirate/mermaid version of one of these to have here at the house. it'd be great for wine parties, and whatnot.... on my list of things to do...

our pumpkins... Dylan designed and cut his own pumpkin this year for the first time! back center, it came out great!!

Me and the boys on Halloween night. it's obvious they weren't really feeling it this year. but we tried!

Sloanie came over to help pass out Halloween candy. We had a ton of trick-or-treaters, and blew threw all of our candy by 7 pm. Thanks Sloan for making an emergency candy run!!!

being fancy...

So now things are much better, Bunches even bought me oysters and shucked them for me yesterday!! Shuck yeah!!

and on the art front i've been busily working on cover art for a series of children's board books... i'll share more when i can!

well, that's all i got for now... have to get a little more sketching done today, and tonight - i'm putting on the blond afro wig, some serious fancy fake lashes, glitter make-up and going roller-skating with some friends! peace out y'all..

oh and one more thing... this is for my brother, way to be 8 ft taller than everyone else in 2nd grade. it really showed off your bowl cut.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Delightfully Frightful

Hey there all you Greasers! Aaaaaaah, one of my favorite times of the year is upon us! That's right, it's time to doll up and get witchy! i love knee-highs!

This time of year is also great to head up the road from where we live to Oak Glen. Scoring fresh-picked apples and seeing a few beautiful birds along the way = priceless!

Speaking of birds... this little baby ran into our window a few weeks back. i went out, held him and talked to him for about 20 minutes. he was so incredibly sweet. He had knocked some feathers off on the other side of his head, and had hurt his eye, but eventually he got his bearings back and flew off. later that evening i walked outside and saw tons of yellow finches feeding on our finch sock. they all got spooked and flew off when they saw me... all except one. yup, my new little friend let me walk right up to him :)

We recently surprised our boys by taking Mr. D out of school for a couple of days and doing an overnight stay at the Disneyland Hotel. Of course i absolutely love the Haunted Mansion and the imagineers totally knock it out of the park by combining the experience with the Nightmare Before Christmas. so much fun!!

Bunches and the Boys on Pirate Island...

Bunches also got me a new winter hat! oh, i love it so!! Looking so forward to wearing this throughout the winter!! I'm a rabid Muppet fan.

took this pic on Paradise Peir just before we left to come on home...

and here's a piece i did for the "Bodies of Waters" show at the Big Car Gallery... Here's the deets if anyone is interested! John Waters himself will be in attendance on Nov. 12th!!! eeeeeeek!!!

and with the fresh apples in abundance, i made my very first, completely from scratch apple pie. i have to say, i loved doing this... it tasted soooo amazing, and i'm ready for more! (i realize this sequence of pics may not be as appetizing coming just under the Divine/poo painting...)

Sloanie came by to help with the pie and play dress-up :) She also brought a batch of her homemade spaghetti sauce, and whipped up an awesome dinner. i love that my friend loves to eat as much as i do...

being vampy...

i scored this lovely little pair of dolls at our local pumpkin patch last night! They're so fancy and adorable that i'm just going to keep them on display all year long. i love them...

my little punkin face amongst the pumpkins...

Dylan and i scored a prop in the corn maze..

Bubba rules..

So that's what things are like here. Just days away from Halloween - yikes! we've been so focused on decorating we haven't even stocked up on candy! I'll send Bunches to that part... in the meantime, here i sit, passing the time with wine and catching snowflakes in the house...
Have a spooktacular Halloween all!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

yadda yadda yadda

This past year has been a nightmare of technological woes for me. First my studio computer dumped, then my scanner went fritzing, then in a sinus-infected-crabby-tantrum, i slammed my laptop shut and broke the hard-drive, which contained all the pics from the new Nikon, and scans to pieces that have sold... and then my exterior HD crapped out, and i can't retrieve anything from it. i pretty much feel like the girl in the movie 'Carrie' except i seem to have the power to destroy all things computer-related when i put my mind to it. anyway, i was so excited to get this picture that i burnt it onto disc, printed it out, and sent it to my email to make sure i always have a copy. i love the dragonflies, and i chased them around all summer. this one graciously stopped in so i could get all paparazzi on his azz. thank you Mr. Dragonfly... the happiness i get from looking at this pic almost makes up for losing every other picture i ever took. (well, not really, but i tell myself this to stop the insanity)

i keep trying to get back to sketching every day... but alas it's only here and there that it happens. i like to wear big granny panties. ---- i know, tmi maybe, but there is a point here, and that is - i think a lot of ladies go that route. and i'm exploring the sexiness of the big panty. maybe next i could even explore the sexiness of the sweatpants, or the overalls... okay i'm probably reaching on those.

and exciting news on the growing up front! First lost tooth for Mr. D!!! i put the word out to my FB friends to find the going rate on the tooth fairy stuff these days... talk about inflation!!

and with the summer heat, come the snakes.... i love living in a more rural area, we have quail, squirrels, roadrunner, bunnies and other nature-y goodness literally outside our back door. i went out to water the roses on the side of house a few weeks back, and he was slithering around on my neighbors side of the fence rattling away. i was literally inches from him. scared the bejeezus out of me, but i of course went back to hang over the fence for a photo opp. luckily, one of our good friends is a serious snake charmer and came to relocate him :)

and speaking of snake charmers... here's two of my favorite guys at a recent birthday party.... this past year for Dylan's party, we had a 'Reptacular' birthday party. his friend Matthew loved it so much, that he had a reptacular birthday party as well. so much fun for everyone!

Made it out to the Dig For Fire - Pixies tribute show opening in Venice. Such a great night, especially finally getting the chance to meet the incredibly talented and super amazing Kevin Titzer! We've been 'friends' through the net for nearly 10 years. so great to finally say i met him! thanks again Kevin, you put together a truly great show!! Next time you're in CA, let's hang out!!

this is a group shot of all the attending artists. i know... it's a shocker... i'm in overalls and am partaking in the booze... AND my piece sold, which is always fun!!

here's a commission piece i did last weekend... shhhhh, it's a birthday surprise....

and if you're a resident of Albuquerque NM, my art graces the cover of this week's Alibi!!

in other news, yup... it time to deck out things for Halloween! I got me a set of fangs, and have the inside of the house all dolled up. still more to do though, you can never have too many skeletons and cobwebs around!

Meet you back here soon amoebas!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Progress..

Summertime is coming to a close and Dylan will be starting the first grade tomorrow morning. i'm equal parts nervous and excited.... we've had a good run this summer, a few family trips together, raspberry and peach cobbler (so good i actually made this dish a couple of times - and pretty much hogged it all down by myself)

summer was also about the quiet times, though with two little boys those were few and far between. here's Mr. B listening to the crickets commencing their nightly serenade...

trying to get back to the daily sketching.. and re-visiting using the ol' pen and ink.

And here are some progress shots of the Pixies "Dig For Fire" show piece i did...
First up, idea sketching. i also like to make lists of words to help myself think. oh, and the date and time on there are regarding the boys' yearly check-up and shots... let's just say that check-up ended up being an absolute nightmare and we'll leave it at that...

Coming up with the final sketch for "Gone to Heaven"

transfering the sketch onto the prepped wood..

paint! i think i have about umpteen billion pictures of my palette after i've laid out the paints.. it's pretty much one of my favorite things in life. pristine piles of paint...

getting into it...

and the palette not-so-pristine anymore..

and here's the finished piece... woohoo! it'll be framed up all pretty-like for the show...

and i just thought this was cool. Dyl made this at the LEGO store a few weeks ago. it's me!!

also, i don't know if this will ever even end up happening. but i have roller derby on the brain. i think i'm too old and too out of shape, but it's given me something to strive for and a reason to get up at 6 am and go get my jog on. plus, it's just pretty awesome to roll around the house at night after the boys are in bed and relive my all-skate days. happy end-of-summer to you all...