Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This was Halloween

i'm heeeeeeeere! well since i've last popped onto blogger, the fam was hit super hard by the flu. it's been two weeks, and luckily everyone seems to be feeling much better, outside of a gnarly cough or two. I drew these two witches while completely down with the flu. pen and ink, they flowed out of me surprisingly well.

we made a couple of trips to the pumpkin patch this year. Here's Dyl and his gal-friend Shannon.

On a different day we decided to go and do the corn-maze as a family. Turns out, Bodie is not a fan.... (really he's not a fan of anything at this point), but that coupled with the fact that we got lost in the corn maze walking around for a good hour pretty much sealed our fate that we won't be doing the corn maze again anytime soon. toward the end, he realized he just had to submit and go with it, since he was tired...

great photo opp of Bunches and Dylan... (Mr. B refused to do any of the cut-out photos). i really want to make a pirate/mermaid version of one of these to have here at the house. it'd be great for wine parties, and whatnot.... on my list of things to do...

our pumpkins... Dylan designed and cut his own pumpkin this year for the first time! back center, it came out great!!

Me and the boys on Halloween night. it's obvious they weren't really feeling it this year. but we tried!

Sloanie came over to help pass out Halloween candy. We had a ton of trick-or-treaters, and blew threw all of our candy by 7 pm. Thanks Sloan for making an emergency candy run!!!

being fancy...

So now things are much better, Bunches even bought me oysters and shucked them for me yesterday!! Shuck yeah!!

and on the art front i've been busily working on cover art for a series of children's board books... i'll share more when i can!

well, that's all i got for now... have to get a little more sketching done today, and tonight - i'm putting on the blond afro wig, some serious fancy fake lashes, glitter make-up and going roller-skating with some friends! peace out y'all..

oh and one more thing... this is for my brother, way to be 8 ft taller than everyone else in 2nd grade. it really showed off your bowl cut.

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