Monday, March 22, 2010

Real Quick

Well, first off, it's official. i'm a soccer mom.
We've also been trying to get up to Camp Wrightwood once a week. Sloan and Joseph will be moving back to Ventura in a week or two. Our fun days at CW are coming to a close. very sad about this, but it's been such an amazing opportunity for all of us!

Have gotten some fun things in the mail this week. Thank you James, for this! He knows i love me anything 70's/80's. he sent this as a get well present.

And Amanda Crum sent this notebook made from a vintage album cover. she knows i love me some Cat Stevens! I have the most amazing friends.

A commission piece i finished this past week. All my deadlines are completely screwy since i was so sick for three weeks. thank you to my clients for being SO understanding about it all! Here's the sketch... there ended up being changes to the hat...
...and here she is in paint.

And finally, Michael got his tattoo finished. Thank you again Jason! This is truly a work of art!

Okay, now back to work for me!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

tattoo you

I've been sick for three weeks now. The first week was horrible sore throat/laryngitis. my voice was completely gone. week number two brought ear infections to the table and this week i have been blessed with a major case of conjuctivitis... and now it seems i'm getting a sinus infection. my face hurts. dude. fml.

Here's a piece of art "The Blessed Bird"
And last night we went to Soul Expressions Tattoo so Michael could get his very first inkin'. My incredible artist friend Jason Gallo hooked him up with this amazing sugar skull design/tattoo. Jason and I went to RCC together many moons ago, and it's so cool to have a piece of his art on hubby :) If anyone out there is looking for an amazing tattoo artist, go see him!!!

I masked my conjuctivitis for the day by pretending to be hip and wearing big sunglasses.

I can't begin to explain how amazing the detail in the piece is. This is above and beyond anything we could have imagined. Michael goes back in two weeks to finish out the color. Thank you again Jason!!!

And on a side note... my sammy cat, a.k.a. samel toe, big man, samurai, etc. is starting to noticably slow down, can't really jump up on anything without falling. it bums me out seeing him getting old. you're a good boy sam i am !! you'd better stick around awhile.