Friday, August 14, 2009

Life is pretty busy right now. I was lucky enough to be asked to do all the artwork of OC Weekly's "Best Of" Issue. It's a pretty intense job, 6 full page color paintings, full color cover, and 50+ spot illos, all full color as well. But I'm having an absolute blast on this project. I"m very proud of the work I've done so far on this one. I think it's due to come out October 8th or roundabouts there. If you're a local, watch for it!
And, as some of you may know, I'm really big on making our backyard birdie friendly. So this last project was a simple one, but one that I've been wanting to do with boys for awhile. We gathered up some pine-cones on one of our morning hikes, slathered them with butter and rolled them in oats. Tied them up to the trees in the backyard and tada.... eco friendly bird feeders. The boys get so excited when they see the birds eating off of something they made.
And this past week we took them to the "JumpZone!" in Redlands Ca. I am all about this joint now. It's pretty much like walking into Pleasure Island sans cigars, pool, and donkeys...
it's a kids dream come true.

My lovely friend Hilary and her son Noah joined us for some of the action. Actually Hilary is the one who told me about this little jem!
Dylan on the off-road slide
Bodie in the basketball castle. I was kind of wondering if adults can rent this place out and just go nuts for the night. Man, that'd be a party.
And here's a little picture of me and boys taken today.

It may be awhile before I can sit down and blog again. On a pretty strict deadline with everything...but I'm super excited to show things off when I can! I'll be back!