Monday, September 29, 2008

Cosmic Robots

I got stung by a bee this past Friday. My foot is still so swollen, Im considering wrapping it in burlap a la the Elephant Man.
A couple of robot pieces for the show.
"Night"... kind of harkens back to the days of the tree cookies....

"Slim & Jim". These are both painted on wood, and matted & framed.

"The Cosmic Art of Robots and Space" Show includes myself, Sonya Paz, Tracy Cox, Doug Horne, Lockwasher, and Christine Benjamin. Opens Saturday, October 4th 5- 9 pm at the Sonya Paz Fine Art Gallery in Santa Clara, CA. All of the artists will be on tap for the opening. Michael and I are doing a quick turnaround for this trip... so if you're in the neighborhood, stop in!

Here's a fun picture of me , Dyl and Hubby posing with Kevin Titzer's "Toothpuller"
I had meant to post that picture a long time ago, but never did. And here's to the sweetness of a one year old. Bodie rocks.

I joined a Mom's group last week. I haven't actually attended any of the playdates yet, but I'm pretty amped on the idea of getting out, and meeting other Mom's... and getting the boys some good ol' fashioned socializin'. I love playing with the boys, but things can get a little lonely conversationally... and believe it or not, I am actually starting to tire of hearing Dylan chatter on about "Poop" and "Penises". He's very concerned about the fact that I don't have a penis, he even asked me "Do you have a butt?"
I told him "oh, it's back there... ya can't miss it."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Dream Of Weenie

Another Robot...This one is matted and framed and looks pretty nice all dudded up.

And me, working in the studio at night. That's pretty darn near all the time I get to work... makes for really exhausted days, but I think all of the work at this next show will look really good together.

Okay so today Mike has to hit up the Vons across the street on his way home and Lo' and Behold what does he run into? My favorite vehicle in the whole World. Years ago, at a drag race in Sonoma Ca, the Weinermobile was parked at the same hotel as the Peterson's for the night.. so I made my Mom videotape me salivating over it. But today, friends and neighbors, I got to introduce my boys to the joy of the Weinermobile.
Here's me and Dylan Hot Doggin'...

Bodie wasn't really feelin' it...

And Joy upon Joys, I gots me the coveted Weiner Whistle!!! Man, today was a good day.

And here's a shot of today's craft project with the boys.... tiger masks.

And on a funny, yet creepy little side note...
This dude stayed parked outside of our front door one day about this time last year. He was just a little guy, but I got all up in his face to take this picture... not knowing anything about snakes. Well, I just found out today that he was a baby rattlesnake.. a pit viper. Hmmm... note to self... best not to get right in a snakes face the next time I want to take a picture. Well, hindsight's 20/20 I guess.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bullseye Blasto Ray Guns!

I think I could spend half my day watching the little birds in our backyard. It's one of the most relaxing things ever. They're so sweet.
Here's the finish on "Bullseye Blasto Ray Guns"

And some close up shots...

And my boys, throwing down on the paints :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spy vs. Spy

Saturday we had a small art crew get-together. Levon & Lila Jihanian
and the Soto's. Unfortunately, Dylan picked this night to have his worst night ever... but we all managed to have a great night together despite the crazy preschooler. Plus, Levon did this awesome drawing on our box of doughnuts...

Last night neighbor Bonny brought over this guy. I was floored, I've never seen a caterpillar this big in my life.

His coloring was absolutely breathtaking. It's pretty much my favorite color ever.

And thank God, when my parents house was recently broken into, and ransacked, this piece of literary genius was spared!

Apparently Mom kept me in Toughskins and Cords... noisy ol' pants!

Aaaah... I think that's how I nabbed Michael. And yes, we spy together. (kidding) Anyway, here's a work in progress.

Now go getcher spy on Kids!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Perhaps He Knows Too Much...

Here's another piece for an upcoming robot art show.

We went to Disneyland again last week, and I actually got to go on the Pirates of the Carribean ride by myself. Man, I was all smiles. I love the new Johnny Depp additions they made to the ride.... but was a little bummed that they took out the sound bite of the creepy voice saying "Perhaps he knows too much..." I always loved that part.