Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board

Went to a sneak preview of Jeff Soto's upcoming solo show a couple of Sundays ago. Jeff always amazes and inspires me. After seeing his work I felt a fire brewing under my butt and needed to get back to work myself. Took just a couple of pics there. Here's Jeff inside the studio
And here's a view from the outside
And here's Dave Chung and Michael bringin' sexy back
It was cool to finally get to meet the Chung face to face. Super cool guy!
We didn't get to stay too long because we had to pick the boys up. We had dropped them off for a couple of hours at Mike's parents' house. It made it possible to actually get to go SEE Jeff's work and take time to appreciate it, instead of chasing Dylan around and missing out on everything.
Dyl's been much better lately. Lovin' his brother. Bodie looks a bit like a deer caught in headlights here... we lovingly refer to him as Grumpy McGrump. Can't wait for those smiles to start coming!
Dylan's been lots of fun. We started him in daycare two times a week. It's actually at our neighbor's house, two doors down. So he's not far away, and he seems to dig on going over there to play for a few hours. Plus it gives me a little bit of time to get back to painting, and catch a break from Thomas the Train. Here's a sketch for my next piece.
It's going to be an ad for Sausage. I like to get the main image transfered onto the wood, then kind of ad-lib the type and additional stuff. I'll start painting her tomorrow. I also have a phone interview tomorrow morning for a Mag called "Stretching Canvas". It's a new publication started by Chris Pfouts, the editor of International Tattoo Art. Should be cool. I'm a little nervous though, because I haven't had real sleep in awhile... I'm just hoping I don't come off like a total ass.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Welp, it's been a little over three weeks since Bodie Bear came home. Having a second baby is a totally different experience. I was so freaked out over everything with Dylan. I had never been around a baby until he was born. This time it's so much easier... at least these early weeks. We're all getting in to a groove, and things are starting to run a little more smoothly....unless you count Dylan hitting the "terrible two's" head on. There's been a lot of "time out's" 'round these parts. His new favorite word (besides Mommy, and No) is "Mine". It's wierd, we don't use that word at home... and beyond playdates with Shannon Daisy, he's not really around other kids... so where the hell did he learn that word? Are their little brains just pre-wired to use "mine" and "no" in abundance once they hit two? aah, fun times. Here's a cute little picture of him swimming at my parent's house.

And here's the more devilish side... with me and Bodie

Along with Dyl's craziness, I've had a major bladder infection. So my crotch has been on fire. Plus a couple of blocked milk ducts. So my boobs have been in total pain. AND if I have to watch this guy for one more day, I'm going to puke...
It's been nice having Michael home with us. He took a month off of work to bond with Bodie, and help me out with managing two little boys. He goes back to work next week, and I'm really going to miss spending my days with him. It's been so great.
We got a couple of new pieces of art this past week. A David Choe piece, which I'll have to take a picture of, and a piece by Lilli Piri

"Sweet Pea" It's really delicate and beautiful. I love getting new artwork!
Sunday we're going to Jeff Soto's studio for a sneak peek at his upcoming show. I can't wait... I need to get out and see some inspiring artwork!