Friday, November 13, 2009

Get 'er done

It's time to start cranking on work for upcoming shows. I'm such a procrastinator... but not on purpose, the days just seem to melt into each other and then suddenly i'm staring a due date right in the eyes. But here's something that made my life. Years and years ago i was perusing an old copy of Country Home (i love that mag) and saw a picture of this old factory cart that someone was using as a coffee table. I immediately vowed to have one of my own someday. Well, fast forward several years, and recently i bid on several on Ebay and kept getting outbid at the last minute, and by the way if you're one of those people... you suck... so decided if i could find the chance to "buy now" i would. Well whaddaya know, i found the most beautiful specimen of the factory cart ever!!!! Here's my baby. Pre-1900 even. Love.

And here's a little synopsis of my painting steps. This was for an upcoming art benefit auction in December. It's based on the movies that inspired us as kids. Of course, i had to go with the Muppet Movie. That was my first drive-in flick and i LOVED it!!! Anyway, first i prime the board, then i size the sketch in photoshop, and then transfer the drawing onto the wood, not unlike the tattoo process.

Lay out my palette. I don't know how many pics i have of my newly layed out paints. I love it.
Hi Darla in background giving me the stink-eye.

then i just go for it, usually staring with filling in the biggest bits first.

and then onto the smaller bits. No real magic involved... just me... paintin'.

Finish up with a little aging and viola! I'm done.
thanks for peekin'!