Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa was here!

We had a few family members over for Christmas Eve, and this dude was posted right outside of the door as people were leaving that night. We always have the freakiest things waiting outside, ready to leap into the house.

St. Nick brought Bodie a Quad. He's not so into it yet... instead he's always wanting to ride with big brother in his new ride...

I hope you all had a really great Holiday. I know the Carrillo's sure did. Back in April or May Dyl & I were watching youtube videos of Lightening Mcqueen when we stumbled across a little vid of the power wheels car. Dylan got all flustered, started to stutter and freak out..."I I I need that. I HAVE to have that!" I've never heard him act that way before or since. At the time I told "well maybe Santa will bring it if you're a good boy", thinking we could totally do that. Well then the economy and Mike's work went into the shitter. But Dylan had faith... Santa was bringing him that car. He talked about it incessantly. But the fact was, there was just no way to do it for him this year. We had kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be spewing out the words of the 'old man' in A Christmas Story when Ralphie says he "almost" got everything he wanted..."Well, that's life". But then the real Santa's in our lives stepped up and made it happen. Thank you Mom & Dad, and Nana & Pops for making a little boys dream come true!

Friday, December 19, 2008

'Tis the Season

I'm working on art for an upcoming show called "Pin It Up Babycakes" at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco in February. I'll try to post a few images soon. But until then... here are a few of the things going on here.

The boys are excited for Santa's arrival. Dylan wants the Jolly guy to bring him a Lightening McQueen Power Wheels car. He's got this whole scenario in his head that he talks about all the time. He's going to pick up his friend Shannon, and take her for a cruise up to the mountains in his Lightening McQeen car so they can make snow angels. He says he'll be driving too fast and Shannon will be telling him "Slow down Dylan! Slow down!"
Bodie's just kind of along for the ride this year. He's excited over everything, but is more interested in seeing how many ornaments he can bust up before the tree goes away. Ya gotta love Captain Adorable.

This past Wednesday the storm blew in a few inches of snow to our neck of the woods. Dylan and I stayed outside until 9 that night playing and having snowball fights with the neighbors. I love the cold weather! It totally puts you in the spirit of the Season.

And here are some other things that put me in the spirit. People in Yucaipa love to do it up at Christmas time. There are some serious light shows around our neighborhood. These are two of my favs. This guy and his two neighbors have lights EVERYWHERE and they have a radio station that you tune into while the lights flash around in sync to the holiday tunes. It's really cool. Plus the guy has the Grinch on one end of his roof...

... and Jack Skellington on the other. Last year he had a snow machine in Jack's bag that would go off occassionally. They also invite people to drop off canned food for the needy... and invite people to join them for hot cocoa. It's really something to see in person.

And then there's the people who decorate their house up like "A Christmas Story". They have Ralphie in his bunny suit in one window, the awesome leg lamp up in another, and Flick stuck to the flag pole with a huge sign reading "I Triple Dog Dare Ya" out front. Great job Yucaipa!

And last week was the amazing Riverside Art Museum opening of Jeff Soto's "Turning in Circles"
Jeff's the nicest guy ever, and I can't really explain how proud we all are of what he's done. If you're anywhere near the area.... GO!

The almighty Sotofish balloon out front...

Me and Jennifer Soto.

Jeff addresses the crowd, thanking everyone for being there...

This installation is insane beyond words....

a small fragment of that installation...

The wonderful thing about Jeff's work is looking around at all the details and texture and just falling in love with every inch of it.

One of his earlier pieces...

Jennifer, Shannon and Michael...

Me, Jeff and Travis "Buckle" Chatham! Art Center REPREZENT
It was great fun seeing faces I haven't seen in a long time. Not only Buckle, but also the Clayton Brothers. Also, Lola, and Nathan... I forgot to take a picture of you guys... it was so great to meet you in person finally!

An Amazing display of talent, well done Mr. Soto!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Retreat '08

Well, it's been a busy past few days here at the Carrillo Camp. Thursday we did T-day at the Carrillo house, Friday T-day at the Peterson's. By the way, kudos to my vegetarian mother on a pretty awesome turkey meal ;)
I stayed up painting this piece after the boys went to sleep that night until 2 am on Saturday. My girlfriend Hazel was having her baby shower on Saturday afternoon and I made this for the baby's room. Looked nice matted and framed.
I didn't get to see her open it though, because we were on our way to Camp Wrightwood for Fall Retreat '08. It's always such a good time. Mike & I were especially looking forward to this year because year '06 I was pregnant, and year '07 we had Bodie Bear with us... So this year was kid free and carefree! Here are some pics...
This cool bat skeleton they have on display.

Our neighbors and good friends the Poopies joined us this year for Fall Retreat.

A nice little table-scape before the meal. I wish I'd taken pictures of the food. Sloan made two Prime Rib Roasts, A rack of Lamb, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, & spinach with a balsamic sauce. Killer.
Here's Joseph and the pups.

I busted on some tree cookies like the old camp counselor days. I decided that it would be my yearly contribution. Everyone who goes up for Fall Retreat gets one.

So everyone got a little owl painting. I was quite impressed with myself that I managed to do all of this after drinking a hundred glasses of wine.

After dinner, hanging out, slapping bones, lazing by the fire...
L to R are Sloan, Matt, Christa, Julie and Tom

Sloan and Joseph had a coyote get hit by a car and die out in front of their camp last year. It was in really good shape so they found a taxidermist and had him stuffed. He hangs proudly on the wall of the lodge. Pretty cool.

Yeah, Sloan, I don't think we drank enough that night....
and what was this about anyway?

Super cute picture of Mike & Jami with their pups Lenny & Gigi.

Man that's always a good time. Thanks Sloan & Joseph for the good food and the hospitality. We seriously can't wait for '09!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So here are the other two pieces for the Hank of Oz show. I sent off the artwork today. "Flyin' Monkey Airlines"

And "Glenda's Beauty Salve"

This past week has been so busy. Last weekend we were double booked on Saturday night. Here's Hazel and I at her baby shower/ last hoorah. She looks so adorable pregnant. I can remember how weird it was for her to see me pregnant with Dylan.. and that's how I'm feeling now. It's just so surreal to see her this way.

And then it was onto MModern Gallery in Palm Springs for Brandon Steen's solo show "Gunky Gave me Cash". Here are Mike & I with Brandon and his lovely Miss Jane...

His work looks SOOOO super amazing!

I really like this picture of the two of them!

Saturday night they came out our way for some grub and some good company. The Soto's came by as well, which was totally cool! Here are Dylan and Shannon doubling up in Thomas.

Mom and Bodie Bear...

I really love this shot of all of us together. It was such a memorable night. I enjoyed it to the hilt!

Whew! Then if all of that excitement weren't enough... we took the boys to Disneyland on Wednesday. It was Bodie's first time to the Happiest Place on Earth. The carousel became his true love. We had major issues every time it stopped and we had to get off...

Dylan's a big carousel fan as well...

Watching the Pixar Play Parade. Dylan loves it... Bodie was left a little mistified.

That was a great time. And it was the most empty I had ever seen Disneyland in my life. We walked right onto every ride imaginable. awesome.
Welp, we're gearing up now for the Holiday weekend. Thursday meal at Mike's parents' house, Friday meal at my folks... and then Fall Retreat '08 on Saturday!!! Whoopee!