Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So here are the other two pieces for the Hank of Oz show. I sent off the artwork today. "Flyin' Monkey Airlines"

And "Glenda's Beauty Salve"

This past week has been so busy. Last weekend we were double booked on Saturday night. Here's Hazel and I at her baby shower/ last hoorah. She looks so adorable pregnant. I can remember how weird it was for her to see me pregnant with Dylan.. and that's how I'm feeling now. It's just so surreal to see her this way.

And then it was onto MModern Gallery in Palm Springs for Brandon Steen's solo show "Gunky Gave me Cash". Here are Mike & I with Brandon and his lovely Miss Jane...

His work looks SOOOO super amazing!

I really like this picture of the two of them!

Saturday night they came out our way for some grub and some good company. The Soto's came by as well, which was totally cool! Here are Dylan and Shannon doubling up in Thomas.

Mom and Bodie Bear...

I really love this shot of all of us together. It was such a memorable night. I enjoyed it to the hilt!

Whew! Then if all of that excitement weren't enough... we took the boys to Disneyland on Wednesday. It was Bodie's first time to the Happiest Place on Earth. The carousel became his true love. We had major issues every time it stopped and we had to get off...

Dylan's a big carousel fan as well...

Watching the Pixar Play Parade. Dylan loves it... Bodie was left a little mistified.

That was a great time. And it was the most empty I had ever seen Disneyland in my life. We walked right onto every ride imaginable. awesome.
Welp, we're gearing up now for the Holiday weekend. Thursday meal at Mike's parents' house, Friday meal at my folks... and then Fall Retreat '08 on Saturday!!! Whoopee!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I love your new pieces. Especially the one of Glenda. LOL I will have to have her check it out. I know what she will say.
Those aren't my boobs. Love the
pictures from the weekend with Brandon and Jane. Also Disneyland.
I am so thrilled the whole family got to enjoy it this time. And more excited that Bodie did so well. What a fun day for ya'll. Just wish I could of gone with you. But this painting has to get done. Will be so glad when it is all behind us. Anxious for you to see it. Great pictures.

See ya Friday.