Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall Retreat '08

Well, it's been a busy past few days here at the Carrillo Camp. Thursday we did T-day at the Carrillo house, Friday T-day at the Peterson's. By the way, kudos to my vegetarian mother on a pretty awesome turkey meal ;)
I stayed up painting this piece after the boys went to sleep that night until 2 am on Saturday. My girlfriend Hazel was having her baby shower on Saturday afternoon and I made this for the baby's room. Looked nice matted and framed.
I didn't get to see her open it though, because we were on our way to Camp Wrightwood for Fall Retreat '08. It's always such a good time. Mike & I were especially looking forward to this year because year '06 I was pregnant, and year '07 we had Bodie Bear with us... So this year was kid free and carefree! Here are some pics...
This cool bat skeleton they have on display.

Our neighbors and good friends the Poopies joined us this year for Fall Retreat.

A nice little table-scape before the meal. I wish I'd taken pictures of the food. Sloan made two Prime Rib Roasts, A rack of Lamb, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, & spinach with a balsamic sauce. Killer.
Here's Joseph and the pups.

I busted on some tree cookies like the old camp counselor days. I decided that it would be my yearly contribution. Everyone who goes up for Fall Retreat gets one.

So everyone got a little owl painting. I was quite impressed with myself that I managed to do all of this after drinking a hundred glasses of wine.

After dinner, hanging out, slapping bones, lazing by the fire...
L to R are Sloan, Matt, Christa, Julie and Tom

Sloan and Joseph had a coyote get hit by a car and die out in front of their camp last year. It was in really good shape so they found a taxidermist and had him stuffed. He hangs proudly on the wall of the lodge. Pretty cool.

Yeah, Sloan, I don't think we drank enough that night....
and what was this about anyway?

Super cute picture of Mike & Jami with their pups Lenny & Gigi.

Man that's always a good time. Thanks Sloan & Joseph for the good food and the hospitality. We seriously can't wait for '09!


RobSchwager said...

"one fell off and broke his head, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Looks awesome Shaunna!

colin johnson said...

Hey Shaunna, awesome monkey painting!! You should post it up on Flickr so folks over there can see it's awesomeness. Also, sorry for not responding to your last e-mail yet. I'll catch up with you more in the next couple of days. Wicked busy here at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Really cute piece for Baby Boy Delgado. Sure Haz loved it. Looks
like you guys had another wonderful
weekend with Joseph and Sloaner. Always fun to see the pictures. Loved the tree cookies. Sure everyone really liked them too. Give my boys a hug and kiss from Grammy.


shaunna said...

Thanks everyone!
Hey Colin, I went ahead and posted it on flickr. Thanks for the props, drop a line whenever you can, no worries!