Saturday, November 15, 2008


I'm going to have a few pieces in the upcoming Alcove Gallery show "Hank of OZ"
It's funny, I never really saw the movie growing up...I actually saw it once and that was while I was in Art School because I was doing a painting involving flying monkeys. In a weird twist of fate, it was actually on television last night. I thought I'd try and sit the boys down and watch it... but that didn't really work out. At any rate, here's the finish on the first piece "Heartless".
I thought I'd include a pic of the sketch. I enjoy seeing the sketches behind the work.

And in paint...

Some close up bits....

The boys are staying the night with their Nana & Pops tonight. Our good friends Mark & Hazel Delgado are having a baby and tonight is their Baby Shower/ Last Hoorah....we'll have to leave the Hoorah a little early and scoot over to M Modern Gallery to meet up with Brandon Steen for his solo show later tonight! Then he and Miss Jane are coming over tomorrow for some good eats and hang time. It's going to be a fun, full weekend for us... and of course, I ended up with a zit right between my eyes. I thought that was supposed to go away with puberty.
Pictures of the weekend and other Oz paintings coming soon!!


Jan Peterson said...

Oh Shaunna, I love your new piece.
That is really neat. And what a fun weekend. Going to Palm Spring and meeting Brandon and Jane. Then last night, great fun. They are so sweet to your boys. It was fun to have the Soto's join in and meet them. Now they are probably back in their cold country after being in 90 degree weather. LOL
Great weather for them, except for
all the fires. At least they didn't have to be in it. Smart to have flown right into Palm Springs.

I really really love this piece.


sandymichelle said...

Wow this is gorgess. Is this piece on wood/canvas or paper? Wondering if the sketch is then turned into the painting here... Love it anyhow.

shaunna said...

Thanks Mom!
Hey Sandy.. The final piece is on wood. I transferred the image. I always like to work on wood. That way I can age, and sand things easily. Thanks for the comment!

the chung said...

this piece is amazing! thanks for sharing the before and after shots! i always love seeing that "behind the scenes" stuff with art.
man, you're pumping out incredible work faster than a twinkie factory pumps out happiness! keep up the good work!

today's comment was brought to you by the word verification of the day: "mundim"

sandymichelle said...

Ohh right, okay! Thanks Shaunna, very clever.. the aging really gives it a wonderful feel too.

(my word verification was "mushies" lol!)