Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where did the time go?

oh goodness! Really? It's been over 7 months since i've even looked at my blog. Time for a super long, photo-full update! The holidays were great, but then we got hammered with more sickness in the house... Mr D even ended up with pneumonia for a bit. But otherwise - here are the highlights:

 We had a pirate party in March, just because...
I still stalk the moon..
and i got this Squiggy necklace by the ever-awesome Kymm Chavers..
we commissioned the incredible Robert Jew to paint our beloved Sammy Cat..
mmmm watermelon...
The boys got me a carousel horse for my birthday, which has always been my dream to have. Just getting started on prepping it and getting him ready for paint..
 Mr B had a Ghost Busters birthday, complete with awesome cake
the balloon artist went the extra mile and made him a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Lots of art being made...
"skelefriend" for the Vexed show
 "Cheers" for the Wasted show
 "Growth" for the Botanica show
 an ebook cover
 "Hula Girl" pen and ink
sketch for an OZ childrens book 
for the "Ladies First" show
"Wild Hare" for the Kingdom Animalia show
got some new socks for roller skating shinanigans...
 indoor camping on the air mattress... ahh the dog days of summer..

and our bat named Bela..
okay, next post sooner rather than later! peace, I'm out.