Thursday, April 8, 2010


This weekend is the opening for the Lunchbox Show at the Alcove Gallery in Decatur GA. Here's my contribution to the fun! "Voila!"

And right now I'm working on a 2' x 3' commission piece. Yay! Pirates!!! Here's the sketch...

and here's some progress... this is going to take me a few more weeks. So much fun to paint this one!

We said good-bye to camp a couple of weeks back :( *sniffle* but Hello to new opportunities for two of my favorite people in the World! See you soon Sloan & Joseph!

Spring is officially here! And so is the wild mustard! I took this picture on my walk with the boys yesterday

and it's no secret that i love mustaches.... so i gave myself one with marker. it almost makes me want to put one on everyday. maybe tomorrow i could do a pencil thin John Waters number :)

hope everyone is having a lovely week, enjoy your weekend!