Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Lovin' Having a Blast

Happy summertime everyone!
Right now i'm working on a piece for this amazing show put together by the incredibly talented Kevin Titzer... you can spy the details here

i snapped this pic in downtown Riverside, on the night of the Sea No Evil show. it was a fantastic turnout! I saw some friends from way back when, and met new ones.. My piece sold as well, so i'm happy she found a home :)

I also just had my 20 year High School Reunion. What a TON of fun that was!! Here's me with the homies Danny and Jason... this is elementary old school stuff right here. Great seeing all of you!!
Playing with props..
Sloan being fabulous and looking just the same... except her moustache appears to have lightened up over the years.

With a couple of the home-girls...

I seriously can't believe how much fun it really was. the night went by too quickly and i hope i get to hang with some of you much sooner than in another 5 years...

Maybe it wasn't the best planning, but the following morning was Mr. B's 'Slimer Carft Party' to ring in his 4th year on this Earth... Here's Slimer, the "disgusting blob" from the movie Ghostbusters. Bodie's obsessed with him, and making art so we held his party at Michael's and the kids made Slimer Masks and pencil boxes. It was a hit!

Mr. B and his birthday cake, that's him on there with Slimer and Stay Puft..

All of the Slimer kids in their regalia!

Now onto the comic relief... a few weeks back Mr. D busied himself by writing notes to Bunches and tucking them under the door to his office while he worked... i love that Mr. Poop signs his name in pen. He also drew a note from Mr. Weenie that is going to be a classic for years to come... too, i was asked if i've ever met Mr. Weenie before... *biting knuckles*

Enjoying the summer and seeing lots of fun visitors to our backyard..

and with the heat has come trips to my parent's house to dip into the swimming pool.. ahhh

Mr. B isn't really into the whole pool thing. Sprinklers are much more his speed.

enjoy the rest of the summer!! i'll meet you all back here soon!