Friday, September 23, 2011

yadda yadda yadda

This past year has been a nightmare of technological woes for me. First my studio computer dumped, then my scanner went fritzing, then in a sinus-infected-crabby-tantrum, i slammed my laptop shut and broke the hard-drive, which contained all the pics from the new Nikon, and scans to pieces that have sold... and then my exterior HD crapped out, and i can't retrieve anything from it. i pretty much feel like the girl in the movie 'Carrie' except i seem to have the power to destroy all things computer-related when i put my mind to it. anyway, i was so excited to get this picture that i burnt it onto disc, printed it out, and sent it to my email to make sure i always have a copy. i love the dragonflies, and i chased them around all summer. this one graciously stopped in so i could get all paparazzi on his azz. thank you Mr. Dragonfly... the happiness i get from looking at this pic almost makes up for losing every other picture i ever took. (well, not really, but i tell myself this to stop the insanity)

i keep trying to get back to sketching every day... but alas it's only here and there that it happens. i like to wear big granny panties. ---- i know, tmi maybe, but there is a point here, and that is - i think a lot of ladies go that route. and i'm exploring the sexiness of the big panty. maybe next i could even explore the sexiness of the sweatpants, or the overalls... okay i'm probably reaching on those.

and exciting news on the growing up front! First lost tooth for Mr. D!!! i put the word out to my FB friends to find the going rate on the tooth fairy stuff these days... talk about inflation!!

and with the summer heat, come the snakes.... i love living in a more rural area, we have quail, squirrels, roadrunner, bunnies and other nature-y goodness literally outside our back door. i went out to water the roses on the side of house a few weeks back, and he was slithering around on my neighbors side of the fence rattling away. i was literally inches from him. scared the bejeezus out of me, but i of course went back to hang over the fence for a photo opp. luckily, one of our good friends is a serious snake charmer and came to relocate him :)

and speaking of snake charmers... here's two of my favorite guys at a recent birthday party.... this past year for Dylan's party, we had a 'Reptacular' birthday party. his friend Matthew loved it so much, that he had a reptacular birthday party as well. so much fun for everyone!

Made it out to the Dig For Fire - Pixies tribute show opening in Venice. Such a great night, especially finally getting the chance to meet the incredibly talented and super amazing Kevin Titzer! We've been 'friends' through the net for nearly 10 years. so great to finally say i met him! thanks again Kevin, you put together a truly great show!! Next time you're in CA, let's hang out!!

this is a group shot of all the attending artists. i know... it's a shocker... i'm in overalls and am partaking in the booze... AND my piece sold, which is always fun!!

here's a commission piece i did last weekend... shhhhh, it's a birthday surprise....

and if you're a resident of Albuquerque NM, my art graces the cover of this week's Alibi!!

in other news, yup... it time to deck out things for Halloween! I got me a set of fangs, and have the inside of the house all dolled up. still more to do though, you can never have too many skeletons and cobwebs around!

Meet you back here soon amoebas!!