Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa was here!

We had a few family members over for Christmas Eve, and this dude was posted right outside of the door as people were leaving that night. We always have the freakiest things waiting outside, ready to leap into the house.

St. Nick brought Bodie a Quad. He's not so into it yet... instead he's always wanting to ride with big brother in his new ride...

I hope you all had a really great Holiday. I know the Carrillo's sure did. Back in April or May Dyl & I were watching youtube videos of Lightening Mcqueen when we stumbled across a little vid of the power wheels car. Dylan got all flustered, started to stutter and freak out..."I I I need that. I HAVE to have that!" I've never heard him act that way before or since. At the time I told "well maybe Santa will bring it if you're a good boy", thinking we could totally do that. Well then the economy and Mike's work went into the shitter. But Dylan had faith... Santa was bringing him that car. He talked about it incessantly. But the fact was, there was just no way to do it for him this year. We had kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be spewing out the words of the 'old man' in A Christmas Story when Ralphie says he "almost" got everything he wanted..."Well, that's life". But then the real Santa's in our lives stepped up and made it happen. Thank you Mom & Dad, and Nana & Pops for making a little boys dream come true!

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Jan Peterson said...

Awe, our Pleasure. Can't wait to get over to see him drive it. But the phone calls telling me all about it are the best. And by the way, Dad has a new hero. LMAO Anxious to see Bodie on his too.
What a fun Christmas.