Monday, September 8, 2008

Spy vs. Spy

Saturday we had a small art crew get-together. Levon & Lila Jihanian
and the Soto's. Unfortunately, Dylan picked this night to have his worst night ever... but we all managed to have a great night together despite the crazy preschooler. Plus, Levon did this awesome drawing on our box of doughnuts...

Last night neighbor Bonny brought over this guy. I was floored, I've never seen a caterpillar this big in my life.

His coloring was absolutely breathtaking. It's pretty much my favorite color ever.

And thank God, when my parents house was recently broken into, and ransacked, this piece of literary genius was spared!

Apparently Mom kept me in Toughskins and Cords... noisy ol' pants!

Aaaah... I think that's how I nabbed Michael. And yes, we spy together. (kidding) Anyway, here's a work in progress.

Now go getcher spy on Kids!!


Anonymous said...

You know? While I was back at Indy, knowing the house had been robbed and ramsacked, I kept hoping that little spy book was still in my Drawer. That was the
first thing I went looking for, and since everything else had been thrown on the floor, but that little piece of history was still sitting in that drawer. Wow, if the thief had of only known the value of that. LOL


Jeff Soto said...

Hey Shaunna, awesome spy book. I like how the girl is wearing a Pontiac shirt. That's a Tomato Hornworm, they usually eat up tomato leaves but will devastate other plants too. I had a ton of them on my plants and didn't have the heart to kill them so I bought them their own small tomato plant that they killed. Why am I such a puss?
Oh and Levon drew the T rex I drew the triceratops. Thanks for the dinner!

the chung said...

dang you've been keeping busy! awesome work in progress, i love those colors, they make me drool out of my face
and i just about crapped myself when i read "DON'T WEAR PANTS!" that little spy book of yours totally put me in such a happy mood

you are an absolute genius! haha thanks for sharing!