Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So our house is apparently chock-full of monsters these days. I was lamenting about our monster problem to Jeff Soto the other day and he gave me what could very well be the most fun little nugget of parenting info I've recieved to date. He'd read in Parent's magazine that you should get a squirt bottle and make a little label for it that says "Monster Repellent"... then the kid can feel a sense of relief as he sprays away the monsters. So today, after Dyl found a monster in the bathroom, I used this little trick... telling him "Daddy just picked up a bottle of this at the store, aren't we lucky!"
It was really awe-inspiring to see what a sense of relief this gave him... and to see how much fun it suddenly became to look for monsters.

As an added bonus I decided to just wrap up our bottle of Febreeze. That way Dyl could do a little multi-tasking by de-monstering and deoderizing in one swoop. Thanks for the tip Jeff, it worked wonders... and our house smells pretty darn fresh.
"Monster B Gone"... pick yours up today!

Other than that, just keeping cool in the pool! Happy Fourth o' July everyone!


RobSchwager said...

Monster repellant is always killer. Gotta get the extra strength kind though...

MOM said...

OMG That is funny. Leave it to Jeff to come up with this fab idea of how to deal with this. LOL And the Multi Tasking thing is brilliant. Maybe the $1,000,000,000 at Art Center was worth it. LOL

Loved having you over to swim yesterday. Look forward to the 4th. Cute picture of Bodie and Mike