Wednesday, July 30, 2008

old school cuz we're some old fools...

So here's a story. Back in high school my friend Sloan and I were super tight with a boy named Matt. I think we actually used to even call him "MATT- GOD OF ALL", but anyway we were dorks....
Long story somewhat shortened.... we lost touch with him our Senior year of high school, and about 7 years ago, while I was in Art School, Sloan and I dutifully spent hours on the computer searching for him. We found him in Florida... and sent him a random postcard with my website and "For a Good Time Call...."
He called.
And we've all been in some kind of touch ever since. Well, Whaddayaknow, Matt came to L.A. on business this past week, so he and Sloan toodled over my way so we could all hang out like old times. Man, it's been like, 15 years since we've seen him... but Damn it was fun. I guess with a truly great friend, years and years can go by... but it's like time hasn't skipped a beat when you see them again. Anyway, Sloan, Matt... I'm so glad we could do this!!!
And I know Matt, this is slouchy picture... but I liked it... and it's my blog.

Oh, and you had to know I was going to do THIS.....HAHA!!!!!
*Please ignore the sorry-ass painting in the background... I was 16*

Friends like you guys are hard to come by... talk soon Homies!

I'm painting some skate decks for a show in Australia right now.... here's a preview.


Jan Peterson said...

How fun, for you guys to get together again. I love those kids.
Matt was always around. Almost like part of the family. LOL As a matter of fact, they all were. Our house was really used by all the kids. It was like Grand Central Station. I will see if somehow we can transfer those VHS tapes that I was always taking, now aren't you glad? LOL I am sure there is some funny stuff on there. Glad ya'll had so much fun. Sloaner looks great.


MattStein said...

I dont know which is worse, budda with scoliosis or skeleton boy with the spock eyebrow...It was excellent to see you guys again!! I'll try to come out again when I can!!

shaunna said...

I'm on the hunt for a VHS player :)