Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I've been thinking about setting one of these things up for awhile now.
Hmmm, now where to start.....
So I'm an artist living in Yucaipa, CA. I have a Hubby, Michael Carrillo, a two year old son, and am 7 and a half months pregnant with another boy. This is the last time I plan on being pregnant in my life. I'm trying to enjoy it, but it's getting to that point where I'm looking forward to having my body back to myself. Michael and I got in a good shag last night, and it's just a really weird thing to feel your unborn baby moving around during the action. I took this picture today in the studio.

Tyring to get things painted for upcoming shows, but it's really getting difficult, with being tired and chasing a two year old around. I've been painting during Dyl's naptimes and at night after he goes to bed. I'm in a group show right now at the Alcove in GA. and I also have a four person show opening this weekend at DVA Gallery.

Some new paintings

I've been feeling lately that my artwork has become a bit stagnant, not progressing. I guess it's because I havent' really had enough hours in the day to devote to it. And I suppose it's going to be a long while before I get that kind of time on my hands again. :)
So Dyl celebrated his second birthday last weekend. We had the party at a local park because we didnt' want to see our house destroyed by the plethora of children. Here's Dylan and his homegirl Shannon Daisy Soto. Atta boy Bub, the chicks dig a hot set of wheels.
So it's about time for me to wrap up this first post. I'm getting hungry, and it's not a pretty sight these days when hunger calls. Hopefully I can be diligent enough to post here regularly. I enjoy seeing everyone else's blogs, and getting a little sneak peek at their day to day lives.


Ellen Bloom said...

Love your artwork...I own the Miss Pug piece, purchased at Thinkspace in L.A.
So glad you've entered the blog-s-sphere! Keep us informed!

RobSchwager said...

Heya Shaunna! Thanks for the kind words about our new addition. if it's cool with you, I'm going to add your blog to my artist links on mine.



sloan said...

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. I don't think I've rubbed the belly even once!
Happy Birthday to Dilly!
∞ sloan

Jeff Soto said...

Hey Shaunna, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging (okay, maybe it's not so wonderful sometimes)! Some advice:

Watch what you say in here... eventually you're whole family will be reading this believe it or not. My grandparents read mine, and god knows who else. That said, be yourself. If you want to tell everyone you had a "good shag" then by all means go for it! Hehe. Just keep in mind that anyone can find this.

Also, there's an option in the comment control panel to check all your comments before they're published. I'd recommend this unless you want tons of spam penis pill and Viagra ads. One time I checked my comments and overnight I had like 20 ads that said "Add 3 inchees to your P3NIS size".

Welcome to blogging!

shaunna said...

Cool, thanks everyone for the comments & suggestions. Jeff, I think I figured out how to set the comment approval thing. That's a good tip. Lots to learn about this thing!

Anonymous said...

i'm having trouble signing in so tonight i am anonymous! :P

Greg Oakes wrote:


nice to see you here!! i got a kick outta the "good shag" part of your story. lol... it kinda caught me off guard tellyah the truth. ;) lol... if i had anything to say about this place it would pretty much be what jeff stated. lol... "...during the action." lol... sorry. *sigh* SO first the 'dot-com', then the 'myspace', now 'blogger'... what's next? *wink* how 'bout FACEBOOK.COM?!! it's freakin' addictive!! maybe i'll see you there one day once you get used to this place eh? all the best with the baby #2 stuff!! take care,... go

PS. here's my blogger URL...


shaunna said...

Just keeping my blog on the saucy side ;)

the chung said...

awesome! good to see you on the blogger!!

so when you say "Shag", is this california street slang for making the sex? i just want to make sure for when i move out there that i don't accidentally go telling everybody that i shagged their mom last night when only anal was involved.
how stupid would i feel!?!

RedDiabla said...

Hiya Shaunna, I've seen you in the Internet land before, but one of these days it'd be cool to actually meet you!

That "Sailor Sue" pic is freakin' great! "Stagnant" is NOT how I'd describe it!

And Jeff Soto's right...your whole family's gonna end up reading your blog. When I found out that my mom started reading mine, I just about died. Ha!

greg oakes said...

testing... testing...

okay, i finally remembered what the hell my password was. *sigh* thank goodness! :)

have a nice weekend shaunna!!

Carl V. said...

Hey, congrats on entering the blog world. Have admired your work for a long time and am happy both for your success and for the forthcoming addition to your family. I hope all is, and goes, well.