Friday, October 25, 2013

One More Time...

So here's the scoop to play catch-up...

Today I announced a timed print of  my piece "La Protectora". Lasts two weeks, ends Nov 8th at noon, and is only $25. But once it's gone, it's gone, so go see my etsy (< clink on link) page if interested!
I also have this piece in a show about the music of Will Oldham opening in Louisville KY on the 1st!
Here's a theater posted I recently did for the show "La Traviata"....
 oh, and I started an account on Instagram as Shauntoots... I post pics of weird stuff, sketches, and paintings. Find me. Especially since right now my website is under construction.
took the boys to visit Pioneertown CA recently. I love myself an old western town. This one was really cool. Been there since 1942..
She was sitting atop a piano in the saloon. I sort of loved her.
Other than that, keeping busy, the boys are both in school all day, which is crazy! Here's B at his 6th birthday party. Amazing Slimer cake by Jacquelyn Encisco!
Been making fun food from the locally grown produce... mmmmm peaches. Next up, apple pies!
And I'll leave you with this little painting I did while dreaming of cooler weather.... peace.

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