Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Great Big Sigh of Relief

For months things have been bad on our horizon.... Michael happens to be in a field that is a combination of the two worst things in the World right now... banking and realestate. Today, after months of literally being sick with worry... we got the news that Michael still has his job. We still have some big hurdles to get past... it's been a really tough year for the Carrillo's... but this was seriously sweet news. Albeit bittersweet...his boss, who had been with the company for 30+ years was let go today. There's a really bad feeling in your gut when you think that while we're breathing our sighs of happiness and relief... his boss and coworkers are cleaning out offices, and are dealing with the "what now?". It's such a crappy time.

Dylan and I made another birdhouse for our backyard.

And here's "Gigantor"! I traded Paul Loghridge some artwork for this badboy. I love him!!!

Check the hand letterin on the old volt meter. awesome.

We actually got news about Hubby's job scene today while we were at the Pumpkin patch. That would have been a real buzzkill had the news not been good...
Here are Bodie and Dylan at the petting zoo.

Jennifer Soto brought Shannon over to meet us at the patch. There's a lot of love between these two. Shannon always talks about marrying Dylan. She plans on dressing up as Belle on the big day.. and Dylan will be dressed as the Beast.

Here's Jennifer and Shannon amongst the pumpkins.

Dylan sits atop a really big pumpkin. Tomorrow we carve!!!!

And finally here's a picture of me and the pilfered frogs. There's a house down the street from us that went into foreclosure, and the people left in the middle of the night. I have a huge thing for frogs, and they left this little statue behind. I decided I would snag it up while neighbor Bonnie and I were on our nightly walk. But when I ran up to the porch to get it... the neighbors pulled up and shined their headlights right on us. Nice. So Bonnie and I pretended to be tying our shoes... instead of stealing frogs... at least until they went inside.

Alright, Michael and I are going to crack open a bottle of champagne... and celebrate the days good fortune.


CMR said...

DUDE! I'm SO jealous of Gigantor!!!

He's awesomely rad. Would go so well wiht my other junk robots...but they are orange and black...I think you know why.

Anonymous said...

I told ~j~ the good news. Maybe we can celebrate when I get back in town. Congrats, Carillo family. (Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes - I took the 6 yr old nephew out trick-or-treating last night. Big fun).

Smiling, Beguiling said...

Gawd Shaunna, I just am so in LOVE with your birdhouses! Really truly. What kind of paint do you use? Are they bird friendly? Have you ever had a bird family move in? Okay... I'm just smitten. What can I say? I am an avid bird watcher & love all things birdy. Bird nerd. That's me. ;-)