Monday, October 20, 2008

Art & Crafts

My wonderful artist friend Brandon Steen will be having a solo show at MModern this November and asked if I'd like to throw down on a painting together. His show is called "Gunky Gave Me Cash" and is inspired by the man himself. Here's our collab on the Girl From North Country...
Here's Brandon's side of things...

and here's the final on our girl...

Thanks Brandon for letting me have fun with it. I'm so looking forward to finally meeting Brandon and his beautiful wife, Miss Jane. They live up in Canada, so for years we've talked via email and phone... but have never met in person.

Michael's parent's had the boys for a sleepover last night, so I worked on that painting and then did a few crafty things that I've been thinking about. First I Mod-podged this little painting Dylan did at preschool to a piece of wood. It'll be sweet to break this out and hang it on the door year after year.
Then I finished up this funkin. I silver-leafed it and painted flames. I have two more to do still... I wanted to make some things to decorate the inside of the house with every year. I have a ton of little crafty Christmas things... but with two boys now, I figure I need to beef up Halloween.


Jan (MOM) said...

Love the piece you and Brandon did. Awesome. Loved all the
other pieces too. Especailly
Dylans masterpiece. I have my
Art Work he made for me, on the
fridge. Your Pumkin is goine
to really be neat. Want to come
over and paint on my walls again,
for old time sake? LOL


RobSchwager said...

coolest pumpkin EVER!!!!!!