Monday, August 11, 2008

The Good and the Bad

I'll start with the bummer stuff first. So my parents, being the retired, fabulous, drag racing rock stars that they are, leave Thursday night on this four week hiatus to go race at Indy and hit up this awesome car show in Detroit....
and today their house gets broken into. WTF people...My brother is going to stay at the house for the rest of the month, but that just totally blows. AND on top of totally ransacking the house...the douchebags poured bleach all over the carpet. I hope Karma kicks these people in the ass.... bigtime.
Anyway... Mom, Dad... stay up, and have yourselves some fun on the trip... we'll keep an eye on the fort.
Man, there's just such a creepy feeling that comes with this kind of violation.
Anyway, that's my rant. Here are the skate decks. I'll be shipping them off this week. They'll head to Australia... Melbourne & Sydney... then they'll go on to Taipei. Kind of fun.

And on the good tip... lollipop, a couple of weeks back Mike took Dyl by the local firestation to inquire about when they might have an open house for kids to check things out... and Fireman Eric told him, "you can check it out right now". Pretty sweet. So Dylan and I made him a thank you card. I cut out the shape of the truck, and Dyl threw down on the wheels , the window and the ladder. Even did his own cutting. He and Honey dropped it off this past week, and Eric let Dylan see the engine again.

Thank you Fireman Eric! All little boys should have pictures of themselves on a firetruck :)

And, aaah, I do love the summer nights. Nothing beats the boys laughing and running around to the safe, comfortable sound of crickets chirping...

"A cricket's chirp can transend time. You can ride it in your memory back to the summers of youth when the sound blended with the taste of watermelon and the earthly aroma of night. The song of summer usually commences around dusk, sneaking up without fanfare like the dew. One moment there is silence, then the cricket begins his nightly celebration... that sweet, reassuring refrain indicting summer has reached it's zenith"- Mark Sauer

Working on the crazy for cult piece right now. Here's a really big hint...

Damn I love a man in pearls...and drag


RobSchwager said...

Your past few posts have ruled, toots! Sorry to hear about your parent's place.

Heather Chavez said...

love the mermaids

Jeff Soto said...

That is fucked about your parent's place. Jennifer told me about it. Damn. And yes... summer crickets... they are the best..

I'm a wild and untamed thing.. I'm a bee with a deadly sti-ing...

Jan said...

Hi Honey,

Yes is blows. Trying to not even think about it. We have a long trip ahead of us, and dammit, they aren't going to ruin it. Just gonna suck when we get home. Oh well, hope you right about the karma. Take care, we love you kids and kiss my boys.


sandymichelle said...

I'm in Perth, which is miles away from Syd and Melb where your very "rad" decks are going. Bum! They look bloody terrific tho! I've done surfboard designs before (the hubby makes them) and that was great fun, ya should do one of those one day! hehe... Sorry to hear about the break in, never did get why ppl had to wreck the place as well as steal ya shit too, Karma will get em for sure.. no doubt!

Oh, and the cricket thing is like a mini tele-porta to good times for my brain, just makes u feel so good, all sorts of child hood sha-nan-i-gans spring to mind!

Take care for now!