Monday, August 25, 2008

Cult 45

First of all, I discovered a fabulous new way to prime my canvases...
plus he's kind of earning his keep this way.
Here's a new piece for an upcoming Robot show "Moe's Moonbar".

Some close ups...

And a little pause to celebrate nature's beauty....

Me and the boys spend our mornings hunting for these guys. It's pretty fun.

Aaaah, morning glories.

And now onto the craziness. We went into L.A. this past Friday for the opening of Gallery 1988's "Crazy for Cult 2". It really was crazy. Nuts to Butts as we say...

Eye Candy overload. Amazing work everywhere!!!

The doorman was a weenie. But that's all I have to say about that.

It was SO hard to manuever around because there were so many people. And yes, it did smell oddly like sausage (thanks Chung for putting yer finger on that one).

Got to hang with my favorite Awesome Asian, the Chung! Big thanks to Dave for waiting for my ass to finally show up!
They were showing old cult movies on the wall in the back alley by projector. That seemed to be where the real party was. Oldskool batman and Colt 45.... now that's an opening! Unfortunately, I was in fear of partaking since there were no public restrooms.


Anonymous said...


Do you know the name of the artist whos "Data" painting was next to you?


Columbus, OH

shaunna said...

hey Skot, that info can be found here:
has pics of all the artwork in the show :)