Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Bowling pin, a Big Boy Bed, and Disneyland

So awhile ago I was in this really cool bowling pin show with Kirsten Easthope, well after the show we ended up working out a trade, which was totally cool because I had admired her work for a long time. She wanted the pin I had done for the show... it was a "Ro-bowling pin", and after the show ended I sent it her way. Things got busy on her end, but she would always get in touch and let me know she hadn't forgotten about me. This past Saturday I received this gorgeous gal in the mail. Thank you Kirsten!
Yup, she's a beauty... AND a pirate... ya can't shake a stick at that!

This past week was filled with all kinds of excitement. Dylan got his "Big Boy Bed"... it's actually half of a bunk bed set that he and Bodie will eventually share. Man, is that little guy happy about his bed. He kept yelling out "I LOVE IT! It's so cool!!" During our days we make several trips into his bedroom ("Mom... let's go look at my big boy bed...") just so he can eyeball it. Here he is just after we put it together, jumping and singing.

And last Wednesday we took him back to Disneyland. We were actually going to go this week, but Michael has a huge week in store... and last week ended up working out much better. Michael got us the annual passes (an early birthday present to me), so we'll be going back quite a few times this year. Anyway, we had promised Dyl he could go back when he started pooping on the potty. Yes, that's right. He's a potty trained big boy now! That's a pretty awesome milestone to hit.... I'm tellin' you. It seemed like we had even more fun this time. I think because he had some kind of frame of reference for Disneyland, so he was just as excited as we were to go back.

In toon town again...

We took him over to the California Adventure park to check out the Pixar Parade. Here he is hearing, but not yet seeing, Lightening McQueen...

I had to take a picture of his happy little face as Lightening rolled around the corner....

These bumper cars were his favorite.

Yeah,... that was a blast. I'm already dying to go back.
Getting some last minute things done for a show in New Jersey. I'll post pics and more info on that one soon!


Mom said...

I love your new addition to your bowling pin collection. She is a beauty. Big boy bed? Thats the best. And I am sure Bodie likes it
too. Disneyland looked like it was even more fun this trip, because Dylan knew what to expect and what he wanted to do. Awesome pictures, enjoyed them all. How lucky are to you have 3 hotties in your life. Yes you are queen of your palace.

RobSchwager said...

Man, I've dug Kirsten's work for a while now.... color me jealous.