Thursday, May 8, 2008

tiki show

Friday, May 9th is the opening for the group Tiki show at MModern Gallery in Palm Springs California. We're actually going to make this opening, so drop in if you're in the neighborhood. My piece is called "Sneaky Peeky Tiki".
Here's a few close-ups...

And here's a few pictures of Dylan's birthday party. This was about all I managed to get on camera. It's really a stressful thing... running a birthday party for a three year old. We had a lot of fun. Tom & Bonnie let us put a jumper in their backyard, so the kids ran back and forth between the two houses playing. We also supplied everyone with squirtguns, which was a hit since it was a thousand degrees that day. Here's my Grammy, My Mom and Bodie, and Michael's Aunt Margaret. I think it's clearly obvious Grammy was peeved that it wasn't a dance party...
Dyl with his Tommy Cake. Damn that was a good cake.

Here's Dylan and Shannon Daisy Soto sporting a few party favors. Dyl looks eerily like Sir Elton John here.
Bodie Big Boy..... a walking fool!

The boys and I have been spending our days playing outside. I love this time of year. Michael planted a ton of trees in our backyard, so we've created this little bird haven. Here's a couple of finch's on one of the socks.

And here are those handsome little Carrillo boys...

I'll post some pics of the tiki show opening next post.

ta ta.

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