Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tommy Day!

Working on the second Wonka piece now, I'll post pics when it's finished.

I took this picture of Bodie a few days ago... he's so gosh- darned cute!

Yesterday we took Dylan to the Railroad Museum in Perris, CA for "A Day out with Thomas". It was really cool. Michael and I underestimated how huge this thing would be. We just thought it was going to be some lame little train ride, not many poeple. But when we got there we were shocked by the tons of parents and kids everywhere. We took a train ride on these old passenger cars that were hooked on to Thomas.

It made me think a lot about my late Granddad, Buck. He was such a bad-ass. He used to hop trains all the time and just ride the rails, see where it would take him. He actually recorded himself on tape telling all of these awesome train hopping stories. He gave them to my brother. I need to get copies of those things. He even came to California in a covered wagon. That dude was solid gold.
Here's Michael and Dylan in the passenger car. Dyl was totally into it!
As if the day weren't packed with enough excitement, Bob the Builder made an appearance!

Old Cabooses rock!
Here' s a bunch of old trolleys...
Damn, I've always loved train sets.

Dylan sporting his Junior Conductor Thomas the Train hat.

I want to go back and check that place out again when it's not so crowded. There was a ton of history to see there. Michael and I also want to take the boys to check out the old fighter planes at March Air Force Base.... maybe that could be our next outing.

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sloan said...

I just talked to Heather. A bunch of their crew drove 2.5 hours each way to Pennsylvania to ride the frickin' Tommy train.
Thanks for taking care of having babies for J and I...
Now get up and dance!