Saturday, November 10, 2007

inspiration ... and a little depression

I took this picture before I started painting the first Wonka piece. I don't know what it is about a newly layed out palette of paint that I love so much. I guess it's just the possibilities... also the paints look so crisp and inviting. I always get that same warm & fuzzy kind of feeling from a blank canvas too...
So here is the finished product for the first Wonka piece. She's 10" x 24" and I think it came out pretty cool. It's really hard to get a real feel for the layering of the wood cut-outs.
I even tried taking some pictures of it with my camera... but they just came out kind of crappy.

A couple of close-ups...

So this past Tuesday Jeff invites me to go out to L.A. and visit some of the galleries. I was super excited not only by the titillating idea of seeing artwork, but also the idea of actually leaving the house. Michael's Mom took Bodie for the day and Michael took charge of Dylan...leaving me with the day to myself. Jeff and I stopped off in Pasadena to pick up fellow Art Center Alumni, Levon Jihanian.
Our first stop was Black Market Gallery to see Dave Kinsey's show "Sure, Why Not". I've been here a couple of times before and I really like this space. The artwork was really soulful and moving. I came away with a real admiration for Kinsey's ability to get down and dirty and really make art.
I mean, to paint something onto the canvas and then paint right over it again is something I wish I had the courage to do. My stuff is really more illustration based, and maybe even a little anal in that respect. The layering effect in his art was really balanced and well thought out. Each stroke of paint was beautiful in itself.

Jeff and Kinsey talking shop.

This is a really bitchin', yet kind of creepy sculpture that sits atop the gallery.

From there we went down the The Lab Gallery to see Kelsey Brookes, Anthony Lister, and Kill Pixie.

I came away feeling like maybe I'm a little too stuck in my illustration ways... not experimental enough...
Then we went to Billy Shire's Gallery to check out Joe Sorren's show. Although these pictures show the work as a whole... each and every square inch was a wonder of paint, light, and color.

And basically I left there just wanting to crawl under a rock and cry. It all kind of made me question my own art. Mine just seems so lame and cheeky in comparison. I mean, I have fun making my art, and I think that shows in my finished work... but my art doesn't really say's pretty shallow, really.
We headed over the Merry Karnowski Gallery for Camille Rose Garcia's show. The work was stunning. I really like the textural quality she gets by using glitter in her work. Also, you can't beat happy little liquor bottles.

Form there we went on to Gallery 1988, where Jeff introduced us to Attaboy, who was gearing up for the High Fructose Show opening that night.

The work looked great. I was especially smitten with "Little Bastard" by Jason D'Aquino.

Apparently the Writer's strike happened that day. We passed by some of the studios en route to La Luz De Jesus.

Then we went for a late lunch at Lupe's, our old college hang-out. Here's a sweet picture of Jeff and Levon sharing a lovely day. The food there rocks, and just look at what the atmosphere does to people!

After eating we decided to swing by Art Center to check out the scene. Here we are on the bridge. I hadn't been there in years. It was pretty weird to go back, but pretty cool to get that nostalgic feeling again.
Overall, a really inspiring day. And I guess maybe seeing what other people are up to is supposed to make you question your own art. Maybe we stop progressing if we stop questioning.


the chung said...

Great Wonka piece shaunna! and it looks like you guys totally had a great time out! i wish i were able to have joined you, but you jobs are for suckers.

and i agree about crawling under a rock after seeing other people's art then questioning your own stuff.. or in my case, just back into the bathroom. anyways, your work is always the bees knees, so have no worries

shaunna said...

Thanks Chung! I hope this entry didn't just look like some sad attempt at validation for my art... but... well... shit....I guess it was :) Thanks for validating me Brother!
Total bummer you couldn't have joined us.

Jeff Soto said...

Hey Shaunna,
Thanks for going, I had a great time. Don't get too down on things, I do the same thing, especially lately, and in the end, I think it's healthy to question your own art. Don't worry so much, just keep drawing/painting/jotting down ideas and know that you'll be doing it for your whole life and there's bound to be both slumps and moments of discovery. Ups and downs. Keep your chin up!!

Collin van der Sluijs said...

great to see the pictures from that day, wish we had more shows like that here in the netherlands, but we don't!
love your illustration work by the way.
greets from the netherlands.