Monday, November 5, 2007

Long Lasting...

I have a group show coming up at the Alcove Gallery
The theme is Willie Wonka, so I'm doing three pieces that are these kind of ads on old wood. I'm cutting out the wood to layer the piece, a lot like the old Alice Cooper piece I did. Here's the sketch for the first piece...
And here's the frame.
A couple of days ago Mike ran into this guy down by our mailboxes. He took this pic with his camera phone
I searched Google images for something that would really show the detail on it. Here's what I found. I'm totally arachnophobic... I literally got woozy just looking at the blurry pictures on Michael's phone. He was going to bring it home to get better pics of it, but he thought I might have a heart attack and die.

So out of curiosity, I looked up some info on tarantulas and I found out they're really harmless to humans. However, It was really interesting to find out about the tarantula hawk. I had taken the picture below a few months ago. We have a few of these things hanging around our backyard sometimes. This one was on our retainer wall. I didn't know what it was at the time I took the picture ( just dug on the colors in it), but apparently these things wait around for tarantulas, sting them & paralize them, drag them into a burrow, then lay their eggs on the spiders still-warm body, and THEN somehow lock them inside the burrow to act as the host for their future family. I'd rather tangle with a tarantula, thank you.

What is it with the creepy crawly bugs around here?

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travis said...

can't wait to see the finished wonka pieces