Tuesday, May 3, 2011

time cast it's spell...

it's been a month since i posted? well damn. i was really hoping to get a handle on blogging regularly. i'll have to work on that one.

this month was chock-full of flus, colds, and a heinous sinus infection (i'm not sure why this shows up as a link, ew) . seriously not a week has gone by without someone puking, fevering or being layed out on a bed somewhere doped up on nyquil. i love you nyquil!

i'm just now getting back around to working on the tiki sign. there's been some changes, and Marc, i thank you profusely for your patience through it all!

with the return of warm weather *finally* i started doing some planting in the backyard... i've been wanting to put in a little "cutting garden" for awhile now, nothing makes me happier than bringing fresh bouquets of roses in the house. this beauty is called "moonstone"

When Camp Wrightwood closed up shop, Sloan gave me a couple of these old hand-built drawers that were used in the cabins. i painted this one, put table legs on it, drilled drain holes in it, painted some signage, and planted some strawberries for this season's harvest. a great way to see a little reminder from the Wrightwood days... and you know how i feel about strawberries. i would marry them if i could.

And speaking of which, now that Sloan and Joseph are right up the road at Camp Loch Leven, i've been LOVING hanging out with my bestie so much! obviously this was before the ick took hold, but wigs, hats and wine are how we roll ;)

And this past Thursday, April 28, marked Dylan's 6th year on this Earth. Happy Birthday peanut! We had his birthday party this weekend and what a kick! We had Reptacular Animals come out and put on an animal/reptile show for the kids. it was amazing for both kids and adults... there were reptiles, birds and some cute & fuzzy small animals. of course, the baby bunny was Dylan's fav...

Dylan and Bunches..

Bunches shaved off his hot little beard/goatee combo. makes me sad, but he's a hottie any way you slice it.

Surprisingly, my mom even enjoyed the snakes!

A lot of us channeled our inner Britney Spears and took pics with this big guy.. .

My nephew Jordan had a lot on his hands..

Dyl's friend Matthew, and the bearded dragon...

it was such a great time for everyone. Dylan said it was the best birthday party ever. *yay!* now to start figuring out what to do for Mr. B's upcoming birthday in July...

And this was fun. Being on facebook is a really cool way to make contact with my artist friends all around the globe, as well as old school friends.... but this was a real treat. i had a guy contact me wondering if i was the artist on this rendering. this would have been the mid-ninties, and seriously, i had no memory of ever doing this one. but sure enough there's my signature. it was just really cool to see an old piece of art that i'd totally forgotten about, circle back around and show up in front of me again.

And speaking of art circling around. i'm really in awe of how into painting and drawing Mr. B has become. i always assumed Dylan would be the only artist, and B would take after Mike. But he LOVES making art... which i equally love. he drew this one for me last week. it's a portrait of me, holding a paint brush, and painting a picture of he and Dylan among some trees, up about my head. love love love...

and i hope those who celebrate it had a fantastic easter holiday! we are a very pro-bunny household, so i had to bust out my old costume... not a snowball's chance in hell i can fit into the bustierre these days.. but the cuffs and collar are a go!

And finally, with this new fancy camera, i spend a lot of time stalking things, and the moon is no exception... signing off with a gaze at the moon.. until next time, thanks for reading, stay thirsty my friends!


SortaSuperMom said...

Hey Shaunna! Its Amber Soto. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi!

shaunna said...

Hey Amber! "sorta super mom" - hahaha i love it! hope to see you guys soon!!