Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a little bit of everything..

Finally finished the Rhuumba sign this past weekend. one of the most fun commissions i've worked on.. i'm always a fan of big color in my pieces, but it was cool to take it over the top a little bit..

i also re-painted our garden gnome and gave him a wicked-cool moustache. i thought of painting him to look like a little pirate, but Bunches (hubby) wanted to keep the integrity of the gnome. whatever... :)

Also, this morning we were greeted to our kitty Darla going absolutely ape near our glass-front fireplace. turns out a wee little finch had found his way down our fireplace and was flapping around inside. i tried a quick rescue attempt, but when i opened the glass doors, he flew into our house. it turned into a lot of excitement for everyone, as we hustled the cats into our bedroom and begged the bird not to fly upstairs.. he let me catch him eventually, whew! thank you birdie for not pooping in our home.

and i just recently introduced the boys to the joys of listening to records. there's something about the sound of the snap crackle and pop of an old record. i've been having a great time playing my records and drinking wine on occassional nights. oh who am i kidding, i drink wine every night ;) but listening to old 45's makes the occassion especially romantic.

today has been overcast and rainy, but lately we have been getting little teases of summer, warm nights where we leave the windows open for the cool breezes, cricket chirps transending time, and birds singing their praises. i love this time of year.
Also, this time of year brings the flies... and my flytrap couldn't be happier..

been hanging out a lot in the backyard lately... the boys and i have planted new roses, basil, heirloom tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, and just yesterday - pumpkins. looking so forward to seeing how my greenthumb works out. we also have a new hummie visitor to our backyard. he (or she) is super small and cute, maybe a baby. Bunches was sitting out in one of the adirondack's the other night and the bird sat and hovered right by his face, checking him out. because i'm such a paparazzi, i had my camera, but just missed that particular shot. damn. blast.

Signing off with an old-school shot of Mom. She's the coolest and i love her. And you can bet she had the most amazing array of go-go boots to match that bouffant. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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