Monday, October 26, 2009

Man, what a busy week!

So the OC Weekly issue came out on October 8th. On the 10th we were invited to go party in Laguna to celebrate the Best Of issue. I guess every year there's a big bash centered around this very issue. This was the first time i got to see it all in print. Very fun, especially the burlesque dancers & free beer! Also cool to overhear people talking about how great the cover looked. Made me happy :)
Mom & Dad showed up to support their daughter. Thanks you two!

And Bunches, enjoying the night and looking tres chic in his new glasses.

As an added bonus, my bestie Sloan surprised me by making it out! Had so much fun that night, thank you all!
My good ol' friend Jeffrey Newcomer popped in this past week. We put down quite a bit of wine and ended up dismantling the TV. whoopsie. Seemed like such a good idea at the time. Anyway, Jeff, great to hang with you... and anybody who needs shirts made, or embroidery, see him and the lovely Sarah at Embroid Me Northrigde!

This was an unexpected gift this past week. Somebody in the neighborhood BOO'd us, and left this bucket of goodies on our doorstep. I love shit like this!

..and obviously, it was a wonderfully fun surprise for the boys!

Also, this past week was the annual visit to the pumpkin patch...

Then onto Disneyland with the Soto's. Just me & Dylan on this trip. Had a great day with my boy!
And this is fun... I'd always heard about Walt's wife Lillian's favorite horse on the carousel Doubloon, and that he sports a gold tooth. I'd never found it, and am always on the hunt. Anyway, I'd just finished telling Jeff Soto this very story when blammo.... he finds the horse!
Also this week I took the boys up to Camp Wrightwood where Sloanie works. Sister Heather was here for a visit with her three boys, so we made it a Girl-Day-surrounded-by-Little-Boys day. What fun having the run of the place with 5 little boys to chase!

The leaves on this maple tree glowed. It was just too beautiful for words!

And also this week, we went to a pirate party put on by our friends the Racine's! I cannot even describe how awesome all the decorations were for this party! Thanks guys. Here's Michael munchin'

and some good ol' pirate chests! Craziness.

Here's a small illustration I did in the midst of all of the hoopla...
whew... i'm beat from this week!

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