Monday, October 5, 2009

The happenin's

Okay, well here's a small sneeky peek of the OC Weekly cover in progress. It comes out this Thursday, so I'll post more art then.
Dylan is now in Pre-K and had his first field trip this past week. Luckily my Mom went with us so I didn't have to try and manage both boys by myself. Thanks Mom. We went to Parrish Apple Ranch in Oak Glen, just up the street from us. Seriously, the yummiest cider EVER!!! Plus we got to sample some apple pie!!! mmmmm....

And these past few months have been crazy with fires in our neighborhood. This picture was taken of one from our front yard in September...

And this one was taken from our backyard last week.... It's pretty crazy there was a 16 year old boy arrested after this latest one. He's responsible for about 12-14 fires in our areas dating back three years.

View more news videos at:

Here's a sneaky peeky at Bodie's Halloween costume. :) This makes me smile. And this past Friday we went to Disneyland for Mickey's Trick or Treat Party. Bodie stayed home with Nana, so me, Dyl & Honey went. This rocked my socks, here's Sally & Jack walking around the park. I'd never seen this before and these costumes were phenominal!!!

Here's me trying to lop our boys' head off with my sword...Honey went as a jailbird, and of course, Dylan as Lightening McQueen!

Me & Dylly... whew, I really wish i had more excuses to dress up like a pirate. I love it.

And my bunny is molting... poor Ollie.


Mandy said...

several things: first off, I am so jealous that you live so close to Disney!!! I can't wait to take Kyra. Also, your costume is totally BOSS and you look amazing! Obviously, you have the cutest boys on planet Earth. Your bunny is adorable, I love the new artwork, and I'm glad they caught that little bastard pyromaniac. And lastly, I love getting to see the work stations of other artists, because it is such a personal thing, and it's funny to me that mine and yours look so much alike. Great minds, and all that jazz....:)

shaunna said...

ahh Amanda, you're so awesome... i hope i get to meet you someday :)