Sunday, December 9, 2007

Deckin' the Halls

Michael teases me because I've been talking about how "having a flocked Christmas tree is a dream of mine" for the past 11 years. When I was a kid, our next door neighbors always got flocked Christmas trees. It just looked so decadent and fun to me, I loved going over there just to ogle their tree.... Well alas, my day has come! I LOVE this tree!!!! If there were a way to preserve it, and keep it in our house forever, I would.

I'm working on a sketch for my next piece. This doesn't feel right, yet. I think her back needs to be arched....
...and her facial expression should be naughtier... not so innocent like it is now...

I'll be back when I hash this one out.... oh, and I'm the spotlighted artist on the Altpick website this week. You can read my interview here:
Member Spotlight

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sloan said...

It looks like all the trees up here! Can't wait to have you come play in the snow!