Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's about time

Okay, I know... I know... I've been just terrible on the blog updates. So this one will be a bit long. Here's a little piece I did for MModern Gallery's Russ Meyer Tribute show. It actually opened a couple of weeks ago. "Vixen's Fishin' Hole"
And finally, some new merch my way!!!! I happen to be a fiend for tote bags... I love 'em. These are $20 apiece/ plus $5 S&H available through my website:

See here to purchase either of these fun little bags. And big thanks to Embroide-Me Northridge!
I've been feeling a bit crafty these days... so I whipped up a couple of these chalkboards to put up around the house. I thought it would be fun to have one by the dining table... for menus, or good quotes... whatever.
Took Dylly to Disneyland for his birthday a week ago. I didn't know this, but if you're a season pass holder... instead of paying your way into the park for your birthday, they give you a gift card for $70 to use in the park. Awesome. So Dylan got his giftcard and went nuts. It was a really great time. Both Mike's parents and mine joined us for the day there :)
Here's Mr. B in Toon Town.
And Mr. D giving a good birhday pose!
And I never get handmade things... I'm always the one making them... so I was tickled to get these two surprises. First a great door hanger for my studio made by the very wonderful Amanda Crum. See her delightful blog here. Thanks Mandy!
And some May Day Goodness came my way this past week. A very wonderful, yet secretive, neighbor made this beautiful Mayday basket and left it on our doorstep, leaving me giddy with excitement. Thanks You ;)
and, alas... Spring is here, Spring is here... it's the best time of the year!!!

Dylan and I made these really cute ladybug stones to put around our garden. I'm really loving our backyard right now... and terribly excited about the hydrangea plants blooming this year. Last year would have been the first year for blooms... but Bodie fell into them and broke off all of the stems. So fingers crossed for this year!
So that's my update. Now it's off to bed... our beloved little Bodie Bear has begun sneaking out of his crib during the night... so tomorrow we build the big boy bed for him. Man, they grow up fast.


Jan Peterson said...

Awesome pictures. I especially love the little ladybugs. So cute. Those two little boys are sure special too. And I really love my tote bag. Have already used it once already. Thanks again.

Love You

Twwly said...

Please make prints of the Fishing Hole - I need one for my husband!


(Also, love the ladybugs in the garden. What a great craft project!)

sandymichelle said...

lol @ 'bring your longest fishing pole'!