Monday, January 28, 2008


Just got everything sent off this morning for the show at the Alcove Gallery. I'm always so incredibly late on shipping things out.
Here's a look at some more of the pieces.
"Robot Round-Up Saloon"

"Nice Pair Deux"

Also did drawings of some Lovely Ladies & their Pussy Cats.


And on a sidenote..... friend Sloan gave us an Orchid at Christmas. I'm quite proud of myself, not only is it still alive... but it's sprouted 4 new blooms and has more on the way. Yay me!

Dylan has become snowman obsessed this winter. He did this fantastic drawing of a snowman all by himself the other day. Even threw in the corn-cob pipe. I thought this was incredibly well done for a two year old. My boy has mad skillz!

We took him up the mountain to Camp Arbolado to play in the snow. I used to work there as a camp counselor... hadn't been back in years. So it was really cool to see it again. Here he is making a snow angel.

... and making snowballs to throw at Daddy's truck. Bodie missed the snow... he slept in the truck through the whole excursion.

So here's Bodie big boy. Graduated to the high chair. Let the sloppy eating begin!!!

We've all been sick around here. I underestimated what a bummer cold & flu season can be when you add another kid into the mix. Looks like things are on the upswing finally, although Bodie pulled the vomit card on me (literally) again this evening.


Tor Hershman said...

Most cool art you make.

greenbeanbaby said...

your illutrations are just awesome!!! if only some of us were blessed with such a rack... your kids are really cute too!!!! happy illustrating and enjoy the nice sunny weather [and disneyland]...